6 gestures that deceive the executive recruiter

Why don’t you learn how to understand the executive recruiter’s language? Here are six moves that reveal what he thinks of you.

The 6 innovations for the recruiter in 2020

It is obvious that the professional recruitment field is undergoing a metamorphosis. The development of new technologies

2020: towards a new record for executive recruitment

260,000. This is the record number of recruitments expected in 2020, compared to 255,000 in 2019 and 251,000 in 2018.

What opportunities companies and employees should now seize!

According to experts, Germany is not only heading for a recession. Germany are already in the middle of it. After a long phase in which the order books in all sectors of the economy were full to bursting, this may not feel like it yet.

What expectations do candidates have of the application process?

The development from employer to employee market has a positive effect on the initial situation of job seekers.