Leadership skills in digital era

A look into the future: In the future, the person who has the most target-oriented skills or the best approach to a solution in the respective situation will lead. Leadership is increasingly context-related.

Direct search as a tool for professional recruitment

It is not easy to find specialists and managers with industry experience. Often, finding these candidates is like finding the famous needle in a haystack.

I am a solo recruiter and how do I ensure my success?

In the broad recruiting landscape, the important role of solo recruiters is often forgotten. Not only do they work on projects and take on entire recruiting mandates

5 ways for recruitment agencies to benefit from AI and automation now and in the near future

73 percent of executive recruiters identified scarce talent pools as the biggest recruitment challenge in 2019.

Why HR professionals fail in recruiting?

Gone are the days when the department threw the job profile the HR manager was looking for over the fence and asked him to organize this candidate.