Global Executive Search Trends in 2020

The global executive search scenario for the year 2020 has some good news and some bad news to offer to the recruitment industry. The majority of respondents demonstrated apprehensiveness regarding the economy; however the general opinion for the executive search industry is sanguine. Embracing the digital innovation enthusiastically has been a huge concern in termsContinue reading “Global Executive Search Trends in 2020”

Which are the best real estate executive search firms?

Each organization in the Recruiting sector has a specialization domain such as Media and Entertainment (M&E), Real Estate, FMCG, Manufacturing, Aviation, Healthcare etc. and/or some recruitment firms specialize in hiring employees for particular job profiles such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Administration etc. For a multitude of factors, the real estate sector is known to be oneContinue reading “Which are the best real estate executive search firms?”