Digital Natives: How to Recruit?

If you want to survive in the “War for Talents”, especially among student talents, your employer should focus on digital recruiting as far as possible.

3 reasons why offboarding is so important in recruiting

In recruiting, there are numerous aspects and possibilities that have to be considered today in order to fill vacancies promptly. However, many companies leave offboarding as a recruiting channel. Why shouldn’t this happen to you? We will tell you why offboarding is so important in recruiting! 3 Reasons for Offboarding in Recruiting You must knowContinue reading “3 reasons why offboarding is so important in recruiting”

An overview: Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization in Recruiting

In today’s increasingly digital world, you must face digitalization and take advantage of artificial intelligence in recruiting to make your talent search easier, faster and more effective in the future.

I am a solo recruiter and how do I ensure my success?

In the broad recruiting landscape, the important role of solo recruiters is often forgotten. Not only do they work on projects and take on entire recruiting mandates

5 ways for recruitment agencies to benefit from AI and automation now and in the near future

73 percent of executive recruiters identified scarce talent pools as the biggest recruitment challenge in 2019.