How Professional Consultation and Recruitment Firms Can Help You Grow Business?

Recruitment is not all about sorting numerous CVs and identifying the candidates that match the provided job description the best. While that is the crux of it, however, it is just a ripple in the ocean.¬†Professional consultation and recruitment firms¬†are not just responsible to recruit employees, but also identify decision-makers, leaders, business advisors and committedContinue reading “How Professional Consultation and Recruitment Firms Can Help You Grow Business?”

6 signs that it’s time to recruit for your company

Your company is growing, your teams are overloaded with work and you can no longer manage the tasks and missions? Maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to hire best talents.

Top 6 best practices in the recruitment process

The recruitment process is a differentiating element of the company’s HR policy, so it is useful to mention best practices on implementing the recruitment process.

The 5 HR trends for 2020

The last three years have seen a strong evolution in the competencies of the HR functions, including the integration of profiles from marketing, project management and data analysis.

The 6 innovations for the recruiter in 2020

It is obvious that the professional recruitment field is undergoing a metamorphosis. The development of new technologies

2020: towards a new record for executive recruitment

260,000. This is the record number of recruitments expected in 2020, compared to 255,000 in 2019 and 251,000 in 2018.