Global Executive Search Trends in 2020

The global executive search scenario for the year 2020 has some good news and some bad news to offer to the recruitment industry. The majority of respondents demonstrated apprehensiveness regarding the economy; however the general opinion for the executive search industry is sanguine.

Embracing the digital innovation enthusiastically has been a huge concern in terms of priority and the challenges that it poses for all areas of the global executive search industry.

The 2020 outlook of this industry puts forth the trends and challenges highlighted in order to navigate through the year smoothly. Let’s now look at the 3 key trends and direction in which this industry is sailing.

1. Recruitment Process Now Online

Keeping the current scenario in perspective, the recruitment for executive positions such as President, Vice President, C-Suite profiles etc. have now been switched to the online mode of communication and hiring instead of the traditional methods.

Compared to the conventional ways of recruiting, the techniques of online recruitment are growing at an extremely fast pace, are highly convenient and becoming more effective and powerful with every passing day in the global executive search business.

2. Right Person for the Right Job

For the year 2020, the candidate selection has been the primary concern and priority of the respondents; however almost 77% of the respondents also classified it as the top challenge faced by them alongside the chain of events.

In order to find the right talent for the employers, the global executive search services are up against one another. A personalised candidate evaluation and assessment that matches the needs and requirements of the clients as well as the candidates is what helps one to find the right person for the right job.

3. Advancements in Technology

Executive quest has long been viewed as distinct from recruiting, which delivers a more customised process. Employment boards in the exec search field were not all that was included. Today, there is more room for emerging technologies to work with this

The Taplow Group is one such leading global executive search firm that moves with the direction of adopting the new, improved and upcoming advancements in technology, making them highly competent.


The need of the hour is to make amends in the way companies and businesses in the global executive search industry operated last year. The Covid-19 situation has made it imperative for organisations to adopt and implement the new and upcoming technologies to stay in the business and not become obsolete.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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