How Executive Search Services Companies differ from Recruitment Agencies?

executive search services

Are you planning to hire a manager for your firm? If yes, here’s why you should hire a global executive search consultant firm instead of a recruitment agency.

Many enterprises aren’t aware of the fact that recruitment firms and executive search service providers are vastly different from each other, although they provide the same solution, human resource. Companies planning to hire top-level managers, CEOs, and other board members should talk to executive security consultants instead of a local HR recruiter.

Executive Search Consultants

Executive search service providers screen, vet, and connect highly qualified candidates with the client companies. They are specialized in providing senior level candidates and professional positions. The consultants don’t randomly select candidates and fix an interview with them. They rather screen applicants based on the client’s requirement. They also act as the intermediator between candidates and the employer firm.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies also deliver the same service, but less proactively. For instance, they don’t hunt down candidates, but rather post job openings on different sites and platforms, magazines, and newspapers, and prompt candidates to contact them. They don’t directly contact professionals. They are perfect for hiring level 1 and level 2 staff.

Difference Between Recruitment Firms and Executive Search Services

Unlike recruitement firms, executive search providers adopt a reactive technique to screen and hire candidates. They use a methodological approach in recruitment, such as they typically consult the higher-level managers in the firm to discuss the requirement. They, then, employ a complex market mapping exercise to create a candidate list. The candidates are shortlisted based on reviews and company demands. Out of which, only one or two candidates are selected for the final interview.

The type of candidates also differs in both firms. Recruitment agencies generally screen active candidates, the ones that have a resume prepared, and are looking for a switch. Executive search service providers seek out only passive candidates, the ones who aren’t looking for a job, try to convince them with impressive employment.

Executive search is complex and tedious but garners the best results as the candidates always come with an exceptional track record. Global search executive firms usually work for international clients or multinational organizations. They specifically hire candidates having international exposure.

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