Why should you prepare for the job promotion?

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Many employees would like a promotion. Sometimes they dream of climbing the career ladder because the environment considers it important, often they are looking for more recognition or, above all, want a higher salary. However, this alone is often not enough for a successful promotion. Find out here why promotion is not always successful, how you can increase your chances of promotion and how you should prepare for career advancement.


Why is the promotion not happening?

A promotion has basically nothing to do with the length of employment in a company. It is therefore often not understandable for employees why a colleague who has been with the company for a much shorter period of time is promoted. Failure to be promoted does not mean that your company is dissatisfied with you. On the contrary, it may even be very satisfied with you and for this reason you will be “denied” promotion. You are simply much more valuable to the company if you continue to work in your area of responsibility. In order to be promoted, it is sometimes not enough just to perform very well, often other reasons play a role. Even if you are not promoted, this does not automatically mean that you cannot ask for a pay rise.

To be promoted, you should put yourself in the perspective of the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur distributes responsibility for individual tasks in such a way that the employees bring the greatest possible benefit to the company. A promotion is often accompanied by more responsibility and leadership. If you perform perfectly in your current area of work, but lack leadership skills, for example, you will not be promoted. If you are promoted, the company would lose a great job and you might not be able to fulfill your new leadership role. Objectively, your promotion is not the best solution for the company in such a case.

Increase chances of promotion

In order to significantly increase your chances of promotion, get to know your target position in the company better. An interview with a person who currently holds this position will help you determine whether the position is really your goal. Sometimes something seems to sound better than it really is, so you are unhappy with the promotion because you do not enjoy the new job. However, if the profile matches your wishes, you must prepare yourself accordingly.

Prepare for promotion

Analyze which hard and soft skills are necessary for your desired position and work on the weak points. If, for example, very good English skills or sales skills are required, you can get coaching or do further training. Career advancement usually involves extra effort, but if you are not willing to invest time and money, you shouldn’t complain about being passed over for promotion.

You should cleverly present the newly learned skills to your boss or employer. The wrong way would be to only talk to him about the fact that you have attended a training course. It would be better to prove in practice the skills you have gained during the training relevant for the company. Ideally, the training you have completed should correspond to the requirements profile of the position you are aiming for in the company.

How can you increase the promotion pressure?

If you have developed further and now have the necessary skills, you can approach your boss in a friendly way about a possible promotion. To do this, ask about the interests and needs of your recruiter or employer. For example, if your boss is unable to attend an event or conference, you could represent him. Then document everything and share your impressions of the event with your boss. Be sure to discuss how it will benefit the company and what is relevant to your department.

If you repeat this process on different occasions, the employer will certainly appreciate your commitment and think of you when considering possible promotion opportunities. If the opportunity arises, you can discuss this yourself after a certain period. However, you should be clever in doing so in order not to leave a negative impression. You should avoid using the word “promotion”. Instead, tell your recruiter that you would like to do more for the company and that you are not the most useful person for the company in your current position.

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