Change job or company, these are the most important questions

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Professional development, the prospect of a better salary, moving or reorientation, these are some reasons for a possible change of profession or employer. But before you take this courageous step, you should think carefully about a few points.

You no longer enjoy your current job? You would like to take on a new challenge and are looking for a new job? Such thoughts come up in the course of your professional career. The following signs speak in favor of a career change: declining motivation, bad relations with the team, health problems (nervousness, sleep disorders, extraordinary tiredness) or when the only motivation is the weekend or holidays. If this is the case, analyse your professional situation, because a change of job or company should be prepared as well as possible.


What is the purpose of my work?

In a first step you can write down the successes, and defeats since you started working. Then you should consider the reasons you want to leave the company and are looking for a job. One reason may be the desire for a higher salary, as salary negotiations for the current job can often be difficult and aimless. If you change jobs, you can often expect to earn 10 to 15% more pay in the new job. Another reason may be that you do not see enough sense in your current job. There are people who, after a few years in the same job, feel that their mission is over and that the tasks are just repeating themselves. A new working environment can therefore provide new energy and motivation. But also consider whether there is a possibility to take up a new position within the company. Or perhaps you can do further training in the company to find an exciting job again. It is therefore advisable to look for new opportunities both internally and externally.

When is the right time to change jobs?

Another important question for changing jobs is the right timing. How long have you been doing the current job? HR professionals appreciate it if candidates do not change jobs every few months, because frequent job changes raise questions. Therefore, stay in the current job a little longer and give yourself some time if you have only been there a few months. However, if you find out already during the probationary period that this job is not for you, then a termination (letter of resignation template) is no problem. After all, the probationary period is there for both companies and employees to find out whether you are a good match. Also talk to your environment and to people who have a similar position to you. Are they perhaps more satisfied or are they better paid or are they in no better situation than you are? When changing jobs, you should take all factors into account as much as possible. A possible move also plays a role. However, before you quit, you should know the direction you want to go in the future. If you are ready, make sure you leave your employer in a good relationship and that you get a good job reference.

Do you want me to reorient myself professionally?

Some problems can be solved if you move to another company, but sometimes a change of profession may be necessary. Whereas a few decades ago it had a bad reputation to change your profession or to reorient yourself professionally, nowadays it is quite common and nothing unusual. Such a reorientation can provide a new motivation boost. However, when making such a decision, think about the impact it will have on you. Do you have family obligations, will you have to move, what will your salary look like, will you be able to develop yourself in a new profession, etc.?

Whether you want to stay in the same industry or are looking for a complete reorientation, at HireYourTalent you will find everything that help you reshape your career.

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