How to develop the company’s human capital?

human capital services development

Human relations are an important and determining parameter in the development of a company both socially and economically. For this reason, knowledge and the formation of human capital must be at the centre of the concerns and any strategy of a good entrepreneur.

A few simple rules of corporate performance strategy and management are often enough to push the talents of your employees and boost the productivity of your company, we present some of them below.


1. Each has his or her own role in the company

Managers often put human issues on the back burner, putting them on their agenda in the “To see” box instead of the “To deal with urgently” box.

  • Every employee must know exactly what his or her role within the company is, what his or her career goals are, how well he or she is performing and how well his or her hierarchy is performing.
  • The same value must be given to problems in all areas of work, whether they are performing well or not.

2. An expertise of the difficulties will be able to determine the causes

All employees and management teams will be more effective if they work and develop in good working conditions.

  • Take stock of the working environment in the different sectors, whether problems are reported.
  • List the decoration and layout of the offices, the equipment made available, the working atmosphere and determine the external factors that improve or degrade productivity within your company.

3. An effective solution: The training plan

Depending on the results of the audit, set up an internal or external professional training plan in relation to the company’s performance objectives. The establishment of a training plan will allow you to define what is missing for each individual to achieve his or her career goals and to achieve the company’s objectives.

4. Validate performance results

Put in place incentive systems to encourage employees to move in the direction you have chosen.

  • The solution can be performance bonuses, remuneration, small one-off gifts at events linked to the achievement of a company objective, or even family events to strengthen the bonds between employees.

Also share the performance of the company and of each individual. When a team or an employee exceeds their objectives, put them forward as a reward.

  • Highlighting results is essential for employee motivation in a company and it also reflects your recognition of the work done, which is a little more difficult to show in companies with over ten employees.

In conclusion

To boost productivity work on the human side, analyze the various factors that influence the working conditions of your employees. Set up an audit and, if necessary, a training plan to enable employees to improve their performance while meeting the company’s objectives.

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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