7 tips on how you can become an even better boss

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If you demand improvements from your employees, you should first question yourself. So it is time to reflect on your leadership qualities. With these 7 tips you can easily become an even better boss.

1. Use strong, figurative words

An emphasized choice of words can help you communicate more efficiently. In this way you demonstrate strength and convey competence to your employees. Don’t simply say that your team should finish a project, but rather ask them to do it with verve and fervor.

2. Stay on schedule

“What makes a good boss is that he works around the clock.” Not really. Optimize the eight to 12 hours you have available for your work each day. That will give your employees a sense of organization. Your team should also not get any extra work from you after hours.


3. Leave the suit in the wardrobe

At business meetings one is always surprised that most founders dress exactly like their team. So they don’t want to stand out from the crowd with expensive suits or the like. The choice of clothes has a huge influence on the climate in the team. Suits are something for investor meetings.

4. Buy good coffee

No, coffee is not just a nice addition by the boss to his staff. Getting a good coffee machine is a relatively high cost item, but it helps a lot to keep employee morale high. Even saving on such small things gives a negative signal to your team.

5. Be charitable

Getting involved with charities is a good thing. How about you do it with your whole team? This has only advantages: You show your employees that you are emphatic, help those in need and ideally get a positive press response.

6. Smile even in hard times

A facial expression can speak volumes. You as a boss have insight into numbers that your employees do not know. So keep your composure when things don’t go so well. Under no circumstances should you drag your team down with you into the basement because of a bad mood. So smile even in bad times.

7. Stay true to yourself

Do you have to play a role in front of your employees that does not correspond to your real character? This may be the first sign that your management style is unsuitable. Stay yourself, accept failure and learn from it.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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