6 gestures that deceive the executive recruiter

executive recruiter hiring professionals

We regularly worry about our body language during an interview. Did I behave myself? Did I look into your eyes properly? But you never ask yourself the opposite question. Why don’t you learn how to understand the executive recruiter’s language? Here are six moves that reveal what he thinks of you.

1. It’s all about looking

Always try to catch the recruiter’s eye. Indeed, if you notice that the executive recruiter starts to look elsewhere, through the window, towards the door or looking up at the sky, it’s a bad sign! He is bored or disinterested in what you are telling him. So it’s time to straighten up.

2. A smile, please

If the person you are speaking to is not smiling, there are two possible reasons. The first is that he or she is part of the Addams family and never smiles. But the most likely reason is a lack of interest in your profile or they are uncomfortable with you. And yet! Establishing a bubble of trust from the very beginning of the interview is essential. So, try to make him smile by showing your interest in the job or with a dash of humor to relax the atmosphere.

3. Left or right profile?

During the interview, observe which side the recruiter’s head is leaning to. If he is leaning his head to the right, he is analyzing and dissecting everything you tell him. This way, you can argue and be clearer and more precise in what you say. On the contrary, if he tilts his head to the left, it means that he is confident and spontaneous. Stay natural and professional, he likes you.

4. Observe his face

The smile is one thing, but whether it is authentic is another. If he smiles, look at his eyes, it will indicate whether he is sincere or suspicious. Is the executive recruiter starting to frown? Change your speech. If he nods his head, it’s a good sign. Indeed, it is a sign of encouragement and approval.

5. If it crosses, it gets stuck

If the face is important, so is the rest of the body. The scout’s leaning slightly forward? He’s open and interested in what you have to say. On the contrary, if he crosses his arms or is overturned in his seat, it shows that he is not impressed. The solution? Lean forward a little to show your enthusiasm. Is the recruiter itching? Unless he has chicken pox, it’s a compensatory sign of boredom.

6. A loser handshake

At the end of the interview, pay close attention to the handshake. If it was energetic when you arrived and becomes limp when you leave, you probably won’t be considered for the job. Don’t hesitate to shake his hand vigorously without taking it off either, and offer him your best smile and thank him.

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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