8 things that HR doesn’t want to see on your CVs anymore

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When creating your CV, make sure that the content is precise and well planned to avoid a tragic and anonymous end at the bottom of a common office wastebasket. In this article we try to take stock of the most common mistakes that even the most seasoned candidate can make.


1. Spelling mistakes

We’ve told you repeatedly, have your CV proofread! Preferably by someone who doesn’t make spelling mistakes. It sounds harmless, but spelling mistakes are one of the 8 things that HR doesn’t want to see on your CVs. They can even be prohibitive.

2. Blanks in your path

While it is increasingly common to take a sabbatical year in one’s career, some companies are still reluctant to do so. It is therefore preferable to specify what you have done during these periods to justify the gaps in your CV (travel, voluntary work, setting up an association, family obligations, etc.). It is also recommended to specify only the years if you have a blank for several months.

3. Common phrases or skills

There’s nothing more boring for a recruiter to read 40 resumes that look the same. Try to be original and not describe yourself as motivated or efficient. These qualities are too broad and do not really describe you.

4. False references

If there are many things HR doesn’t want to see on your CVs, it’s false references. This can be detrimental to you and can make you miss out on an interesting position. It is better to be honest because more and more recruiters are actually checking your professional experience. However, nothing prevents you from improving the title of a job to enhance your self-esteem!

5. A CV which is too long

A CV that is too long often shows that your professional experience is rich, but it can also show your difficulty in analyzing and summarizing. If your career path requires 2 pages, try to highlight only your experiences related to the position in question. Also try not to detail your tasks too much for each of your positions.

6. A CV that is too short

A CV that is too short often means an inexperienced candidate. So how do you make your CV when you don’t have any work experience? Highlight your personal experiences demonstrating skills useful for your professional life. Also highlight your internships, training courses or diplomas.

7. An unclear CV

A CV that catches the attention of recruiters is a clear and enjoyable CV. Tiny handwriting or line-free pads are some things HR doesn’t want to see on your CVs. It may even make them want to move on to the next one! Air it out as much as possible, don’t talk for nothing, and be legible. Once again, have your CV proofread. The person reading it must understand your background directly.

8. A blurry or obscure photo

If your photo is not legible, if you are not clearly visible, it will not make you stand out and recruiters may not remember you. It is always easier to associate an image with a name. Keep this in mind and try to make the picture as professional as possible. Also think about the print quality if you want to have your CV printed.

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