How do you put all the chances on your side with a good CV?

job interview CV tips

When it comes to CVs, it is generally a good idea to respect the conventions. Unless you have a creative profession that allows you complete freedom of creation in your CV, it is better to respect the codes and the presentation that will best suit the position you are applying for. Follow our advice for a CV that will open doors for you, especially for recruiters!


Simple design

Each section of your CV should be clearly stated. Use clear headings for this. The most common headings you will require are for job profile, key competencies, work experience, qualifications and other details. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may download a sample CV tailored to the exact profile you are looking for.

Using headings allows a recruiter to easily read through your CV to select the information and content that interests them.

Avoid color. Your CV is your personal brand of course, but it should have a professional and sober appearance. Use an unobtrusive color to spark interest for example, but keep it minimal and discreet.

Use spaces. A recruiter presented with a stack of resumes will not be too impressed to receive a very tight document with a lot of texts. Blank spaces are just as important as the text and content of your CV because they make it easier to read and facilitate the selection of key information. If you’re wondering how long your CV should be, or if you’re struggling to fit your CV into two pages, you need to be ruthless in your modifications. Don’t just use smaller fonts and margins! A clear and well-presented CV is more likely to make a good first impression than one that contains a lot of information and is too dense to read.

Highlighting skills

At the top of your CV, after your personal information, present a summary of your career or background relevant to the position. You can also present a precise list of your professional and personal key competencies. To do this, use a bulleted list.

Then, when detailing each experience, also present your main responsibilities with a bulleted list. This will make it easier for the recruiter.

Careful vocabulary and attention to content

Work on the content of your CV and leave nothing undone. The content should be sober and informative. Short paragraphs can help you structure yourself. You can start each bullet point with a powerful verb such as delivered, reached, completed and won.

Avoid repetition and especially spelling mistakes. Have your CV proofread by several people if necessary and at least one other person.

Word or PDF document?

Most medium and large companies use software to review resumes and their keywords. If your CV does not contain the right information or a sufficient number of skills, it may be rejected. Microsoft Word documents are the format preferred by recruiters because PDFs can introduce formatting errors. We advise you to send your CV in Word format, unless a particular format is required.

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