5 steps that will help you plan your career transition

career transition

Your job no longer suits you, you can’t find a job in your field near you or your physical condition no longer allows you to continue in your position? Here are 5 steps that will allow you to plan your career transition serenely.

1. Make a skills assessment

To launch your career transition plan, the skills assessment is an essential step. It allows you to take stock of your career, your interests, to highlight your different areas of expertise and to choose a profession for your retraining.

2. Evaluate the offer

Now that you have chosen a new career, take stock of the supply and demand in your geographic area. List potential employers and study the offers to understand their needs.

3. Preparing for training

When we talk about a career transition, we often talk about training. Once again, take the time to evaluate all opportunities. You will need to find training that fits your schedule and offers an education that is recognized by the profession you are aiming for. Also, ask CareerOneStop for information on financing solutions. If you are an employee, consult your personal training account. Finally, if you wish to create your own business, it will be time for you to find out about the different possible statuses for your structure.

4. Discussing it with your family and friends

A career transition involves a lot of change and investment (both time and money). Before you start, talk to your family and make sure you have their support.

5. Enhancing the value of your career transition

To transform the vocational retraining trial, it is important to talk to one’s network. Explain your project and talk about your motivations for initiating word-of-mouth. Review your CV and highlight your cross-disciplinary skills. Finally, more than ever, write personalized cover letters where you will highlight your solutions to meet the specific needs of the company you want to join.

Retraining can be scary. In order to successfully complete your plan, it will be essential to put in place an action plan and to be accompanied by specialists in the field.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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