Best men’s outfits for a job interview

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The first impression is often the right one. At least this is true when an executive recruiter meets you for the first time. That’s the challenge of the job interview and your look is of paramount importance for the smooth running of this moment. So avoiding any unpleasantness, find out what NOT to wear to your job interview.


Too clean for him

We’re avoiding the full suit look. Don’t buy a new outfit for your interview, you wouldn’t be comfortable in it and it would show. Especially with shoes! There’s nothing worse than blisters when your gait needs to be light and confident.

Comfortable yes, but reasonably

T-shirts and jogging suits are avoided. Jeans may be welcome, but make sure they are well cut and wear a shirt on top. We’re all about maintaining balance here! We advise you to avoid your sneakers, unless they’re classy and your interview is in a start-up style company.

Be trendy in elegance

Avoid dipped V-necks, overly colored or flash patterned shirts. We should also avoid the overlapping of patterns (e.g. polka-dot knot on the checked shirt). Even if you have an offbeat look, in the work sphere, you must remain sober. So it is your character and experience that will capture the executive recruiter’s attention, not your clothing associations. Prefer the simplicity of colors such as camel, navy blue, black, white and grey.

Adapting to the times

No 3-piece suit, no corduroy pants, and above all, forget about gel hair plating! If your mop needs taming, prefer wax, which does not have the wet effect and is cleaner. You should avoid over or undersized clothes that were borrowed from your father (or even worse from your grandfather). Class comes with clothes that make you look your best!

Ladies, if you too would like to know what not to do during your job interview, we let you click here!

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