55% of the executive recruiter’s responsiveness is based on your looks

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The habit does not make the monk, but 55% of the executive recruiter’s receptivity is based on your physique (38% on tone and 7% on words). So your look must be adapted during a job interview. We wouldn’t want the job to pass you by for a misplaced accessory, or a skirt that’s too short. So here are the mistakes you should avoid when preparing your outfit for a job interview!


Using your strengths

Even if your goal is to charm your executive recruiter with your talents, your sex appeal is not your best asset at the moment. A plunging neckline, embellished with heels and lipstick will quickly make you look like a teaser… Too much emphasis on your physique could imply that this is all you have to your advantage, and we know that this is not true!

A modern woman

We know you want to plan ahead, but don’t wear new clothes for an interview! You will certainly be uncomfortable in them, and it will show! It’s even worse if it’s a suit. An overly classic outfit can also make you look out of date. Avoid the total suit look with a tight bun. Classy, yes; pinch, no!

Natural, but not neglected

No heels, and no suit doesn’t mean jogging! Even if you have a relaxed character, you must remain professional! Avoid jeans with holes or stains, poorly tailored clothes, and don’t forget to dress up a little. The goal is an elegantly natural style. So avoid presenting yourself to the executive recruiter as if you were going to spend a relaxing afternoon with a friend.

Fashion in elegance

Avoid clothes that are too flashy, and accessories that are too conspicuous (no need to take out the full jewelry level finery for example). If something catches your interlocutor’s eye too much, he risks being distracted. It’s better to choose a reasonably sober outfit, so that your personality is more impressive than your look! You pay attention to details, but don’t overdo it.

Gentlemen, if you also want to know what not to do, we let you click here!

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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