10 reasons young people under 30 are the best way to hire for your organization

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Many companies know that they benefit from young people. So, Here are 10 reasons the under 30s are the best employees to hire for your organization.


1. Open for new ways

People under 30 are not as entrenched as people who have been in the profession for several decades. Young people bring a fresh wind and new ideas. They break up old structures and show the old hands that the new can be better.

2. Much higher motivation

Young people are usually much more motivated than their older colleagues. Under 30-year-olds still have a lot to do and want to move up: They have to be motivated and go for it. Because they know that the competition never sleeps.

3. Only 9-to-5? Come on!

Whether it’s about finishing a project or working through the night: If you’re young, you’re able to give more than 9-to-5 for a project.

4. Let us break new ground

Everyone knows the gray-haired colleague who “has always done it this way”. This must stop! The young employees are not only willing to contribute their own new ideas, they also get involved when suggestions for improvement come from outside. Because they know: Whoever stops has already lost!

5. There is no “I” in a reasonable “team”

The colleagues under 30 know that it is not important to always stand out alone. The team has to be successful and function. And if you do an excellent job, it will be worth it. On the other hand, older employees will get offended if their suggestions are ignored. Individual office, individual desk, these are lone fighters who will get nowhere.

6. Problems are there to be solved

An unforeseen problem occurs? In spite of their experience, the elderly often stumble. The mid-twenties are happy: Variety is always good! Being young also means accepting new problems and solving them quickly and efficiently.

7. Always technically up to date

Digital natives are always welcome because they grew up with the Internet, smartphones and modern software. And what do all digital natives have in common? Right, they are young. “Say, my printer’s going haywire again and my computer won’t turn on, can’t you help me out a bit? I’m too old to learn how to do this.” Every young employee has heard these sentences dozens of times.

8. New tasks, but quickly

New one, faster, keep going! No challenge is big enough for the young colleagues, no position that they cannot fill. “Do I think I’m up to the tasks after promotion? Of course.” Hiring young employees also means setting a new pace.

9. My job, my company, my life

“In a few years, I’ll be retired and out of this place.” Older colleagues often only count the days until retirement. For the under-30s, the job is more than just a place where you do your work every day and get money in your account at the end of the month. The young entrants still identify with the job and are happy about the success of “their” company because they know they have contributed decisively to it.

10. Think globally, Work globally

No matter how large the company is, there is no reason to leave new markets out in the cold. The young employees have grown up in a globalized world and know very well that a view beyond the horizon can be decisive for the success of the company.


No company can or should do without hiring young employees. Old irons and their experience are important, but a fresh wind is essential for survival. The under 30s are motivated and hungry to take over the job market: They bring new expertise and show new ways for every employer.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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