The mistakes a manager must not make

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Whether you are a new manager or have many years of experience in this business, you may make mistakes without your knowledge. However, these small management mistakes, sometimes caused by a lack of hindsight, can have repercussions on your professional qualities. Here are 3 behaviors not to adopt to avoid these mistakes.


Not listening: One of the main management errors

A manager worthy of the name should not confine himself to his role as a leader. One of the most common management mistakes is the adoption of an overly directive management style, refusing any suggestions or initiatives from employees. You need to communicate with your teams, be present and available, and above all accept feedback.

Not trusting your employees

As a manager, you have many tasks to perform and you may feel you are missing out on some of them. However, you can’t control everything, because your work will increase tenfold and you won’t be able to do it properly. Not trusting your team and not delegating tasks is one of the most important management mistakes to avoid. You have to accept that each member of your team has his or her own faults and way of working.

Keep your skills to yourself

A good manager needs to know each of his employees over time. If the team cannot perform well over a long period, it means that the manager is not attempting to improve his or her skills. However, this will inevitably have consequences for the company. That is why it is your duty to ensure that your employees develop by monitoring their work and offering them training.

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