How to develop your leadership skills

leadership development consulting

Leadership is a skill that is widely sought after by employers in all positions and industries. Do you have this cross-cutting skill? Here’s everything you need to do to become a good leader!

The ability to demonstrate leadership is one of the seven most coveted cross-cutting competencies in the labor market today. You only have to consult the job offers on Indeed to find out.

Some say that leadership is an innate quality, while others believe that it can be developed. Nevertheless, there are proven methods to learn how to be a leader. Increase your chances of promotion and stand out at work by following these 10 tips:


1. Show initiative

Take the lead and seize the opportunities that arise. You don’t have to be a manager or team leader to make a difference. Your daring will be noticed and rewarded.

2. Prioritize your priorities

A good leader knows how to recognize emergencies and priorities and is able to organize his or her work independently.

3. Remain positive despite difficulties

A leader exudes positive energy and motivates his colleagues. Don’t let failures get you down. Learn from your experiences and pass them on to your team.

4. Be dedicated and willing to go the extra mile.

Don’t just meet the requirements of the job. Go beyond your job description. Stand out for the quality of your work and your hard work.

5. Demonstrate your enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is often contagious! By showing enthusiasm for projects, you help create a positive corporate culture and get noticed.

6. Accept responsibility for problems

Remember to consider all possible scenarios and always have a plan B on hand. You will be able to solve problems that arise more quickly.

7. Make improvements to the way you work.

Don’t accept the status quo. The employees in your organization may have preferred methods, processes or tools of work. This does not indicate that they are optimal. Question yourself, look at what is being done elsewhere and open up your horizons.

8. Value innovation

Don’t hesitate to propose ideas and assert yourself.

9. Develop new skills

A self-respecting leader renews himself, he follows the path of progress. Do readings, listen to documentaries, watch videos and take courses.

10. Use your judgment

A leader has good critical sense and intuition. This ability also develops with experience.

Leadership according to Google

Google conducted an exhaustive study of more than 10,000 comments on bosses to identify the top eight qualities of a good manager. Here they are. A good manager…

  • is a good coach;
  • is a good motivator and doesn’t micromanage;
  • expresses interest in the success and well-being of team members;
  • is productive and results-oriented;
  • is a good communicator;
  • supports the professional development of its employees;
  • has a clear and strategic vision for the team;
  • is able to provide sound advice to his or her team with strong technical skills.

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