5 major recruitment trends to follow in 2020

recruitment trends

A new year begins with new HR challenges, this is the opportunity to take stock of the future recruitment trends of the coming year!

1. Digital continues to impose itself

For several years now, digital has been at the centre of HR services. Recruiters today are fortunate to have access to many solutions to manage their recruitment process, such as application management software. These increasingly sophisticated solutions allow them to automate a maximum number of tasks, simplify their sourcing and identify the best candidates.


2. Programmatic recruitment on the rise

Based on Big Data, programmatic recruitment allows you to target candidates who are likely to be interested in an advertisement in a very precise way thanks to a powerful algorithm. The advantage is that it makes it possible to reach active and passive candidates. Sponsored ads will then be presented to these profiles in an automated way. This innovative method makes it possible to obtain qualified candidates in record time.

It will search for candidates directly on their favorite sites and applications. This technique is ideal for attracting relevant profile. With all its advantages, programmatic recruitment should be on the rise in 2020.

3. Affinity recruitment is growing

The candidate’s personality is now of paramount importance in recruitment issues. In fact, we are increasingly talking about Soft Skills which are nowadays decisive. Today, in addition to having technical skills, talent must also match with the culture of the company and with other employees.  To help executive recruiters, solutions are being developed to assess the behavioral abilities of candidates. Personality tests such as Assessfirst or e-tests are notably able, through questionnaires, to highlight a typical candidate profile.

4. Recruitment on the rise

Combining the words recruitment and entertainment, recruiting is a fun way to select candidates. Indeed, companies are now using games and interactive tools to recruit. These are used to attract, but also to evaluate the skills and soft skills of a candidate. Quizzes, Escape Game or virtual reality are increasingly used by executive recruiters who can assess candidates in a new way. This method has been tested and approved by several major groups (Mariott Hotel, Linkedin, etc.) and should be part of recruitment trends in 2020. Beyond the interview, it provides additional information to select the best talents.

5. AI at the heart of recruitment

Following the example of L’OrĂ©al and Unilever, more and more large groups are using Artificial Intelligence in their recruitment interviews. Startups such as Stafori or Hirevue are designing robots and algorithms capable of analyzing intonations, facial expressions, flow or the vocabulary used by candidates. The use of Artificial Intelligence in job interviews brings at first glance the best performance in recruitment by detecting the best profiles.

Chatbot will develop again this year on career sites. These “virtual conversation agents” based on AI allow to inform candidates and guide them through the recruitment process. Playful, innovative and responsive, they strongly enhance the candidate’s experience. In addition, they bring more qualified applications by better informing candidates about positions and recruitment policies.


This year again, digital will be more than ever at the heart of recruitment trends. Artificial Intelligence, affinity recruitment and programming will be the new challenges for executive recruiters in 2020!

We wish you every success in your quest for talent! Best wishes from the whole HireYourTalent Team!

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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