What is the difference between Executive Search and Recruitment?

executive search consultants

Many of us don’t understand the difference between Executive Search and regular recruitment. Or what the difference is between what a Headhunter and a Recruitment Consultant does. Both terms are used loosely, but there is a big difference.

Simply put, Executive Search is a service used by professional companies to find the most suitable and relevant candidate for an open position. This is often a candidate with a permanent job, who is not actively looking but is openly orientated. It can also be someone who has made a decision for himself or herself and is more actively applying for a new job or challenge. Active or inactive search, that is the big difference between Executive Search and regular recruitment & selection. The main reason Executive Search exists: the best people or employees are usually employed and rarely ‘looking for a new job’. As a competitive company you need the very best people. The right employees are the key to a company’s success.

When a vacancy becomes available, most companies will use a recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate. The candidate being recruited is an ‘active job seeker’, someone who posts their CV on databases, actively approaches recruitment companies and responds to vacancies. By opting for this approach, clients or companies will miss out on a large number of suitable candidates.

An Executive Search company uses a completely different approach. They personally and directly approach the most suitable candidate for the position and do not wait for a candidate to contact an agency. Executive Search consultants focus on the “grey area” of the market, i.e. they focus on people who are not actively looking for a new role, but when they are offered a great opportunity, consider a new step. The number of candidates who are not actively looking for a new job is estimated to be around 70% of the labor market. These candidates are not registered with recruitment agencies and are not interviewed about other vacancies, making them the best candidates to work with.

There’s another big difference. Executive Search is much more resource intensive and gives clients a thorough understanding of exactly what they need to do to fulfill the role. Executive Search goes into depth and finds out everything about the position within the organisation and the reason for the vacancy.

Talent Platform is one such Executive search agency. We don’t wait for a candidate to apply, but actively look for those entrepreneurial talented technicians & leaders. This can be a filling of an existing vacancy or a position yet to be created within the technical labor market in the US.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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