How To Become A Good Leader In A Firm

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Anyone who takes on a management position should be a good leader. But you don’t become a good leader overnight. It means a lot of work on yourself and a lot of empathy for others. Only those who take their time, deal with their employees and don’t take themselves too seriously can be a good supervisor.

You should have charisma and a character that you stand by. A great deal of willpower is still required, even if things don’t go so well in a team. Because only those who can distribute their own strength among their team have the potential to become leaders.

But don’t worry, even if not all points apply to you, you have the potential for a higher position. It’s only important to know where your own problems lie and why it often fails to be a good team leader. Then we will tell you how you can become a really good leader, because this position can be learned and trained. But always try hard, otherwise your team will notice that you are not interested.

A good leader shouldn’t do that.

Let’s first take a look at what a leader shouldn’t bring with him. This small list will quickly show you what you shouldn’t be and why you’re a bad team leader with this behavior.

  • You distrust your team.
  • You are egocentric, know everything better, don’t listen and never thank for good work.
  • You don’t let anyone but yourself make decisions and you can’t delegate, but at the same time you are not reachable for your team.

With such a leader, your team is punished. We very much hope that you are not really like that or that only some of the negative qualities apply to you. But even if your behavior was not always good, there is a remedy. From now on you can learn to become a good leader and change from scratch, you just have to want it. Here are our tips on how to become a good leader.


Listening is the be-all and end-all of leadership. If you don’t listen, you know nothing about your employees. It’s not about chatting and exchanging the latest gossip, but about asking people for their opinions.

Only those who listen to suggestions that want to be heard sometimes find a good idea far away from their own thoughts. But it is not only a matter of accepting suggestions from others and then transforming them into one’s own ideas, but also of not constantly speaking for oneself. It is important to hear the thoughts of the team and to consider them.


Nothing works in a team without communication. It starts with the non-existent goals and continues with the gratitude that is not there and the feedback that does not come. Those who do not communicate do everything wrong that can be done wrong. If you only pay attention to your own problems and to the numbers at the end, you don’t need to become a leader.

It is better to clarify intentions, goals and plans and to give positive feedback as often as possible. As a leader you often get a positive feedback back or know what you have to improve. Those who pay more attention to others, feel into them and communicate with them create a great background for themselves as leaders. The goal of communication is to motivate the team and drive it to peak performance.


How does a good leader behave? In addition to listening, accepting suggestions and communication, further development and openness are also important. If you think you’re perfect as you are, you shouldn’t be a leader. The job is about constantly developing yourself further, responding to a wide variety of people and jumping into new situations again and again. Anyone who has become established, takes himself too seriously and thinks he is good as he is will not be successful as a leader.

Your behavior should be flexible, open and oriented in such a way that you constantly want to develop yourself further. It is about making others successful and finding solutions so that the team can survive. Only those who reflect on their own behavior and correct it if necessary can be a good leader.

The overall picture should be considered

If you keep these three points, you have the potential to become a good leader. Of course, leadership is a process that is shaped over many years by different situations and different people. It’s also clear that you can’t always get along equally well with everyone, but you can try.

It is important never to lose sight of what really counts and to always see the overall picture. In small appetizers you should not think, but about your team and how you can lead it to success. Important is the why and the way, not the goal, even if it is superior. You should always remain modest in order to get the best out of your team. This is the only way to motivate them and show them new ways.

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