Leadership skills in digital era

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Managers are confronted with disruptive changes. A power-oriented and risk-averse management style is no longer sustainable in times of VUCA, digitization and a shortage of skilled workers. Instead of power-political decision-making mechanisms, flat hierarchies are needed. A look into the future: In the future, the person who has the most target-oriented skills or the best approach to a solution in the respective situation will lead. Leadership is increasingly context-related. Leadership as a task is assigned to the members of the team depending on the situation. Medium-sized companies have clear advantages here: The hierarchies are generally flatter, the management level knows its team members and their abilities well.

What are the ideal competencies of the executive in times of change? In addition to the necessary knowledge of digital developments in the respective industry, it is above all the change of attitude with regard to transformations, the VUCA environment and the corporate culture that is decisive.

The willingness to learn for life

The dynamics of the market are rapidly changing the demands placed on managers and their teams. Only those who are willing to constantly learn can stay on the ball. Executives must not only be open to changes in the company, but also to their own further development. They set a good example to inspire their team to continuous development.

In a team, the manager is responsible for creating an environment that promotes continuing education. Due to the high dynamics, it is no longer enough to rely on the initiative of the employees.

Motivation through meaningfulness

The change in values of the younger generations, who are striving to make their work more meaningful, is increasingly spreading to the older generations as well. Meaningfulness does not only arise from the benefits for society. Within the company, too, the work of team members creates added value, for example through reliable preparatory work or “keeping one’s back free” for another person. To communicate this appreciation clearly increases the motivation of the team members.

No success without risk

The VUKA environment that has become part of everyday life means that planning reliability for managers is constantly decreasing. Entrepreneurs who are in a change process or are planning this know that a possible success is associated with a certain risk. The manager must be aware of the volatile and dynamic requirements in order to adapt his mindset. Coachings can set the crucial impulse here.

In addition to your own mindset, an environment should also be created for the team in which the error culture tolerates the acceptance of risks or depending on the situation even encourages them. The employees need a feeling for adequate and secure leeway within which they can act freely. Both managers and team members must learn to communicate mistakes openly: honestly, with respect and focus on the knowledge gained.

Networking, enabling, accompanying

Teams need an implementation-oriented roadmap based on a clear vision. The direction of the executive is still crucial. It gives the employees responsibility within the set scope and demands the set goals as results. More and more managers are becoming networkers, facilitators and companions. They empower their team as a working group and support the team members individually and according to their personalities.

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