The 2 ways of recruitment

professional recruitment

Recruitment is an important area of activity. It is a big challenge to recruit qualified employees and at the same time save costs and time. It is therefore important to be familiar with professional recruitment. Find out in our article what recruitment means at all and which 2 ways there are.

What does recruitment mean? Definition

Recruitment refers to the recruitment of the workforce required for a company. The focus is on the candidates. Because the existing war for talents and the few qualified applicants are the biggest challenges in recruitment.

The aim of executive recruitment is to meet the demand for staff qualitatively. A distinction is made between two procedures: internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment refers to the search for candidates within a company, whereby external recruitment takes place outside the company.

External recruitment

When recruiting externally, you should always highlight your employer branding in order to attract potential candidates. In job ads on job boards, on your career page and in social media, you can highlight the benefits that exist in your company. Other external recruiting initiatives include Active Sourcing or job fairs. Perhaps there are already potential candidates in your talent pool who you can address?

Internal Recruitment

If you try to recruit staff internally for certain positions, you can advertise for open positions through an internal newsletter. You can also offer training to ensure that the candidate is well prepared for the new job and that the internal implacement does not take up too much time.

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