Fighting shortage of skilled workers through HR development

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Shortage of skilled workers slows down digitization

One problem associated with the increasing shortage of skilled workers is the resulting slowdown in the progress of digitization. Medium-sized companies in particular do not have enough qualified employees to deal with this problem. A lack of investment in digitization in turn impairs the sustainable growth of companies. According to a recent study by the industry association Bitkom, almost half of all companies surveyed cite the shortage of skilled workers as an obstacle to the use of new digital technologies. In the meantime, the majority of German companies even see the shortage of skilled IT personnel as a threat to their business development.

Demand from software developers reaches record level

Over the last few years, the IT sector has experienced above-average job growth. With more than 600 positions in information technology, Vesterling AG currently has more vacancies than ever before. The demand for IT specialists and in particular for software developers has dramatically intensified in 2019, reaching a peak. This is also confirmed by a recent Bitkom study. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for both large companies and small and medium-sized companies to remain competitive in the battle for the best IT talents and specialists.

Upswing in demand for IT consultants

Studies by the Federal Employment Agency have been showing bottlenecks in filling vacancies for software developers and IT application consultants for years. The clear leader in the Labor Market Report 2019 is software developers in various programming languages. In addition, qualified IT consultants and architects are very much in demand. The increased demand for IT consultants could possibly be attributed to the increasing process optimization in corporate divisions due to new technologies. Approximately every ninth job advertisement is aimed at candidates with leadership competence.

US miss out on 525 billion dollars due to shortage of skilled workers

By the year 2030, there will be a shortage of between 3 and 5 million skilled workers nationwide. In a regional comparison, the southern states of US stand out in particular according to a study conducted last year by the Competence Center for the Securing of Skilled Manpower. This massively hampers expansion in terms of production and sales increases and, according to forecasts, will lead to sales losses of more than 525 billion dollars for US in the coming years. With regard to Bavaria, the IHK estimates the annual deficits at 22.9 billion dollars.

Medium-sized companies can attract IT specialists with flat hierarchies

In the course of digital transformation processes, small and medium-sized companies can attract IT specialists to large companies, especially with simple corporate structures and flat hierarchies. In addition, it is necessary to describe vacant positions in tenders in a meaningful way and to prove transparency with regard to the selection process and information about the employer. Often the creative approach of the applicants makes a clear difference. With an extensive career website, which represents Employer Brand and Employee Benefits in equal measure, some companies are already acting as role models. Many companies also do without the traditional cover letter. This measure is intended to reduce the hurdles for applicants, especially as the informative value of cover letters is controversial.

Flexibility in working conditions increases attractiveness

An employer’s flexibility in drafting employment contracts can also represent a competitive advantage over other companies. The offer of flexible working time models, a home office or innovative technical equipment can have a positive influence on the attractiveness of candidates. In the meantime, more and more initiatives to secure skilled workers are being developed nationwide and regionally. In particular, companies in remote, unattractive locations away from conurbations benefit from jointly recruiting suitable talent as a region at trade fairs, universities and other platforms.

Cooperation with recruitment consultancies in filling key technological positions

Managers with digital expertise are also in demand for the management of digitization. Especially when filling management and leadership positions with a technological background, many companies increasingly rely on the expertise of personnel consultancies. As a leading recruitment service provider in the field of technology, Taplow Group offers executive search for technology-oriented executives. The service offer is well received and the satisfaction of the companies with the new appointments by Taplow Group is 93%.

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