Good times for computer scientists and engineers to change jobs

human resources consulting

The shortage of skilled workers has worsened and salaries in IT and engineering have risen sharply. Jon Smith explains what you should pay particular attention to when changing jobs:

1. Decide for yourself why you want to change: Because of a certain technology, a higher salary, an improvement in your living conditions or a hierarchical advancement? So don’t just know the “away from”, but rather focus on the “towards”. This makes it easier for you to find a suitable job.

2. Keep your application documents up to date so that you can react quickly to a job offer. A serious and high-quality portrait picture has a positive effect on the salary level.

3. The application should also be written in a way that is understandable for non-informatics engineers. The pre-selection is made by the human resources department. Make it easy for your counterpart to recognize that you are suitable and include the wording from the job advertisement in your cover letter.

4. Add a fact sheet to your CV that shows at a glance which technologies you are familiar with and what your level of knowledge is.

5. Clarify the formal termination process in your old company, in particular how your termination periods are and when your earliest possible starting date with your future employer will be.

6. Very important: Prepare yourself well for the interview! Research the business model of the intended employer and consider what contribution you can make to the success of the company with your knowledge. In addition to professional expertise, you will convince with a genuine interest in the company and a positive basic attitude!

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