Outplacement: Professional handling of staff reductions

professional recruitment process

A large number of well-known companies have announced that they will cut thousands of jobs in Germany in the coming years. German industry as a whole is feeling the effects of the weakening domestic economy and the decline in exports. Export-oriented companies, especially SMEs, are suffering from the trade conflicts and other uncertainties. Particularly affected are carmakers, who are having to cut back their production due to weak sales. Numerous well-known suppliers are also cushioning the reduced demand with far-reaching measures.

Offering career prospects

Companies often think of a redundancy with severance pay as a first step when it comes to staff reductions. Affected employees fear the job loss the most. For them it is particularly important to get the chance of a new professional perspective. Through support in outplacement, employees are not processed with a single payment, but are personally caught and comprehensively prepared for the recruitment process. This increases the chance of a follow-up job. Working with outplacement professionals ensures that employees who have to leave the company are treated professionally and amicably. If a company is committed to a socially acceptable solution, this ensures that the working atmosphere suffers as little as possible. Taking responsibility for outgoing employees protects the employer brand.

What can outplacement do?

Outplacement enables a professional and amicable separation of employee and employer. Outplacement providers make affected employees fit for the upcoming application process and support them in taking up follow-up employment.

Advantages for employers:

  • Avoid litigation
  • reduce costs
  • Remaining attractive as an employer
  • Relieve personnel managers
  • Minimize image damage

Advantages for participants:

  • Professional help
  • Investment in the future
  • Finding the right connection position
  • Prevented career break
  • Shortened job search with system
  • Individual training

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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