What does “Situational Leadership” mean?

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Probably no other model has occupied the leadership world as much as the insights drawn from the model Situational Leadership by Hersey.

The high plausibility and simplicity make it possible to better understand complex leadership processes and to derive appropriate options for action from the analysis.

situational leadership development styles

The decisive difference to the other leadership models, however, is the addition of a further dimension: the employee’s level of development.

This is determined by two factors: the “will” and the “ability”, the abilities and skills of the person and his motivation.

How much guiding or supportive behavior a supervisor should show depends on the level of development of the respective employee. It has to be taken into account that the degree of development of an employee and thus the style of leadership towards him can be very different depending on the tasks he is currently working on and the competence and experience he brings with him.

In one area of activity it may be important to lead the employee in a delegating style, while he should be trained in another.

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