Why HR should resist HR trends?

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The human resources department is currently receiving a lot of attention. The most popular magazines and blogs are constantly publishing new HR trends. Strictly speaking, they suggest that the role of the HR department should change. That’s why they want you to be the HR driver of digital transformation. For this you should take the digitization of workplace models and HR processes in hand. Why this is easier said than done is discussed in this article.

The HR department becomes more digital

What exactly describes the digitization of HR processes? The term digitisation alone is very vague. That’s why we’re trying to find out who the digitization of HR processes concerns. Then we find out what the needs are.

Users expect smooth and simple HR processes from digitization. However, the HR manager is striving for standardized HR processes. On the other hand, the managing director demands cost-effective HR processes – mainly related to personnel costs. What are your expectations?

This makes it clear that digitization means everything and nothing. What do you like? Something. Human resources e-learners then use tools, collaboration tools or similar. Does this fulfill the demand for digitisation? Supposedly. Is the HR process completely improved? No. Has the corporate culture changed? Again, no. And that’s where the dog lies buried:

The employee as a digital customer

In addition, digitizing HR processes means you can focus more on your employees. After all, employees have high expectations when it comes to digitizing their workplace. Young professionals in particular do not want to miss out on the digital opportunities that they use privately. But it is not only their needs that need to be taken into account by HR professionals. In addition, there are the needs of the company.

From human resources manager to strategist

But for this to happen, HR professionals need to think and work more strategically. That’s why you first determine what your company’s goals are. Based on this, you formulate the digital strategy with the management. Finally, translate the strategy into practical measures.

The management defines the company goals. However, it is the same with corporate goals as with digitization. There are lots of interpretations. As a result, personnel managers orient themselves towards imprecise corporate goals. Then they develop strategies that sound good, but are not practical.

Sometimes the goals of a company are simply wrong. Just reducing costs is not effective. Above all, the company should set itself the goal of increasing productivity and quality. By reducing costs from the outset, a company restricts productivity and quality. So how should you formulate strategies? Difficult if the specifications are not concrete.

The human resources department needs a good basis

We believe that these HR trends should be treated with caution. HR managers should become digital drivers and strategists. In doing so, you should rethink workplace models, keyword “New Work”. Nevertheless, operational HR processes still have a lot of potential for optimization. Personnel often lack the budget, time and resources to do so. Although excellent HR processes are the backing of a human resources department. Only when you have them under control should you devote yourself to New Work topics. Therefore, optimization should be the first step. Ultimately, you don’t put the cart before the horse.

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