Recrutainment: Who actually says that applications should not be fun?

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For recruiters and HR managers, both normal job interviews and recruitment in general are part of the daily business. And those who deal with it day in, day out know only too well that this work can sometimes be quite boring and monotonous. But what if you could find new staff in a playful way? And does that even fit together: efficient and at the same time entertaining HR management for personnel and applicants? The answer to these questions is provided by a relatively new element of human resources management: so-called Recrutainment.

Every HR manager will probably know the following scenario inside out: After the pre-selection of potentially suitable candidates, the invitations are sent out to the remaining applicants. This is followed by the personal interviews, which in most cases are conducted according to a scheme F and are often based on a previously defined questionnaire. Although this standard procedure provides the desired insights in most cases, the procedure is neither entertaining nor even fun for the applicant nor the recruiter himself.

And this is exactly where the playful-simultaneous element of recruiting comes into play – not only in the area of recruitment, but also in career orientation, modern personnel marketing and employer branding. But how exactly does Recrutainment work? How does it all work – and what does this kind of applicant management mean for the HR manager and his previous working method?

Recrutainment – what exactly is that?

The application makes a good impression and the resume matches the advertised position almost perfectly, so nothing stands in the way of an invitation to a personal interview. However, this interview will be somewhat different today. Instead of the “classic” and often rather dry question-and-answer session, the focus is now on entertainment. For the recruiter, the main thing is to present his own company and employer brand to the applicant in a playful way and at the same time emphasize the advantages over the competition. All this takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere in which all participants feel at home.

Recrutainment also includes various assessment procedures, such as various self-tests, career orientation games and various interactive elements throughout the selection process. In a sense, the Human Resources Manager slips into the role of an entertainer who not only tests the applicant, but also entertains him or her in an informative way. The principle of recrutainment also works online, for example in the design of online assessments and other internet-based simulation and test procedures, which can also be used as an employer branding tool. This new and innovative form of potential analysis – in contrast to the traditional and dry test procedures – also ensures a significantly higher acceptance of applicants.

Playful and target-group-specific applicant management

Nowadays, not only the applicants but also the companies themselves have to show their best side and in the best case meet at eye level. The various recruitment tools are particularly suitable for this, as the personnel decision-maker can get to know the applicant on a much more personal level. Among the most popular tools are above all small online games (or career orientation games, as the Munich business portal shows) with which applicants can playfully get to know the company and at the same time show the HR manager what they are capable of.

The next step is a personal interview. And here, too, the principle of recrutainment is applied. For the personnel manager, it is now a matter of creating a relaxed atmosphere that enables an informal conversation without obvious pressure or other stress situations. This makes it easier for both sides to talk loosely and openly. Besides this kind of the applicant management obtains a positive picture of the enterprise and contributes thus also to the employer mark formation. A win-win situation both for the human resource manager and for the applicant himself.

Recrutainment also plays an important role in the social media

Nowadays it is hard to imagine life without social networks. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube – potential applicants are now increasingly using these portals to select companies. Accordingly, it is extremely important, especially in the HR sector, to present young users with an informative and at the same time fresh social media presence – which the experts of the portal also recommend to founders. And online recruitment can play a decisive role in this. Instead of boring company profiles and unnecessarily complicated information, the focus is on fun: mini-games, exciting additional options such as rankings and surveys or a video or so-called insta story about the company and its goals.

To set themselves apart from the competition, some HR departments often go a step further. Examples include personal contact via snapchat and informative exchange in an open WhatsApp group. These special recrutainment campaigns make it much easier to reach potential applicants and also show that you are a modern company that you can also have fun with and that does without old-fashioned and boring methods. And the fact that this form of personnel marketing is also perfectly suited for one’s own external image and increased employer branding certainly does not need to be mentioned separately.

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