Don’t forget the company values when recruiting!

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As difficult and at the same time important as recruiting is for companies today, all important points in the process should be taken into account. Often, however, the aspect of corporate values is ignored. That should not happen to you! In this article we will show you why you should not forget the company values when recruiting!

That’s why you shouldn’t forget the company values during recruiting

Of course, corporate values are indispensable for cooperation in a company and support everyday work as well as the results of work, since (in the best case) all employees follow the same corporate values. However, corporate values are not only important in this respect, but also in recruiting. However, they are always forgotten there.

You may ask yourself: Why are corporate values so important in recruiting? One reason for this is that 79% of job seekers consider the values of a company before applying. A total of 76% would not apply if there was a disagreement. This clearly illustrates the impact that corporate values have on recruiting! It is also interesting to note that almost one in two considers the mission statement to be more important than the salary. (These are the results of a survey by Glassdoor).

Applicants have the chance to determine whether they fit into the company on the basis of the company values. On the other hand, employers can also benefit from the company values in the application process and use them to determine whether the candidates or applicants potentially fit the company and its values. In this respect, the company values offer advantages for both sides and, at best, employees and companies that share the same values come together.

Implementation in Recruiting

At first glance, it does not seem so easy to classify corporate values in recruiting. As the above figures show, many candidates attach great importance to getting to know the corporate values. Therefore, you should communicate your values openly, for example on your job advertisements and your career page. You can also inform your talent pool with e-mails about your values as well as the implementation of these values. For example, is “sustainability” one of your values? Show this with one of your projects, for example! It is important that the values described are actually lived in the company. As soon as your candidates notice that this is not the case, you will be disappointed and in the worst case quickly gone. You can find out to what extent your candidate finally shares your company values by means of various procedures (interviews, tests, assessment centers, etc.) within the framework of the recruitment process!

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