5 Recommendations for the recruitment of professionals

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How does the self-image of skilled workers develop in a labor market that brings almost full employment for highly qualified workers? How are their demands changing in such a labor market? For the StepStone Trend Study 2016, the online job exchange asked 14,000 specialists and managers about their ideas regarding job search and career. StepStone presents the five most important findings and explains which recommendations are derived from them for HR managers:

Talents in pole position: skilled workers are more self-confident today than ever before

Experts know their market value: 84 percent are convinced that they can make a valuable contribution to the success of a company. Afraid of unemployment? Not an issue for the vast majority. On the contrary, more than two thirds think they can find a new job within six months if they want to.

For employers this means: They have to compete for their applicants! Describe the future tasks of the candidates concretely, descriptively and attractively. Show examples of effective cooperation between departments. Have your employees report on their tasks and goals themselves.

Active career leaders: skilled workers are constantly ready to change

Faithful souls? Only 18 percent believe that they will still be employed by their current employer in five years’ time. 43 percent have already planned the change. Their main goal when changing: further development and a higher salary.

Advancement to branch manager? Special training? Motivate by describing possible future opportunities. Give examples of different career paths and describe the further training opportunities in your organization. Be courageous and give a salary range. Whether it’s sports programmes, your good canteen, company cars, relocation assistance, social benefits – name your special achievements by name.

Job Shopping: skilled workers want to get their new job without hurdles

Anyone who buys online is used to holding their goods in their hands the next day. This level of service is becoming more and more internalized by professionals. More than a third of respondents stop the application process if it becomes too complicated. One quarter refuse an application via an online form or portal. Almost one in two welcomes the application via smartphone as a way to a faster and more personal exchange with the employer.

Avoid complicated applicant management systems, forms and procedures. Take the candidate’s perspective. Reduce potential hurdles and provide fast and personal feedback. Optimize your job ads for mobile use. Make your career site fit for mobile devices and noticeably increase the number of applicants you receive.

Job-Life-Fit: skilled workers want to like their employer

79 percent of skilled workers do not consider a job with suitable content if they cannot identify with the employer. If they had to choose between a very interesting task with colleagues with whom they do not understand each other or an uninteresting task in a friendly team, then 71 percent would opt for a harmonious team.

Team-Ego-Balance: Experts want both

Thinking independently and acting entrepreneurially on the one hand, team-oriented and cooperative on the other – this is what many companies want their employees to be. The results of the study show: Specialists also want to work on their own responsibility as well as to merge with their colleagues. Finding the right team-ego balance becomes an important goal in career development.

Communicate to the candidates as concretely as possible how your company promotes independent work. Demonstrate how the candidate can enrich the existing team and the team of the candidate. Talk about the direction in which the team or department could develop within the company. Give examples of effective collaboration between departments.

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