5 Tips for a Successful B2B Instagram Strategy

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The success of Instagram doesn’t end there: Only in the middle of last year did the platform crack the magic number of one billion users. This year it replaces Facebook as the most important news platform. The rapid development of Instagram shows that visual communication is gaining enormously in importance also in the B2B sector. Because if you want to promote your brand awareness today and communicate specifically with potential new customers and employees of tomorrow, you can also rely on Instagram for your marketing mix.

1. Communicate corporate culture and values

“At Siemens, you don’t have to leave your identity at the door” – The technology group shows the way forward and regularly uses its Instagram account to take a stand on social issues, gives exclusive employee insights or lets its community participate in special events such as MindSphere Developer Days. The 141,000 subscribers like Siemens’ open corporate culture and the number of followers is growing steadily. This is how the company meets the spirit of the times: Because for generations Y and Z, money and career status are no longer the primary goals. Rather, they strive for fulfillment and perspectives in the job. The more clearly Instagram is communicated, the easier it is for applicants and (potential) customers to decide to what extent their own ideas match those of the company and whether they can imagine good cooperation.

2. Stage strong images in application situations

True to the motto “Being there is everything”, many companies also post content on the platform that does not fit the channel. For example, their own products and services are sold as clumsy brand messages and advertising postings on Instagram. A fatal mistake, because users want to be inspired on Instagram. Different products are lined up against the same background as postings, boring every user. Accounts with blurred, blurred and unsightly images create an unprofessional impression. What would it be like to show the products in action instead? This also gives the community a direct insight into how they are used in practice. The best example is Liebherr: the family-owned company has managed to bring major construction sites and freight traffic into artistic contexts and thus bring the huge machines to life.

3. Find the right content mix

a) Video Posts

In addition to uploading images, posting videos is an effective way to entertain followers. At gyro, for example, we rely on stop motion. Individual pictures are lined up and result in a fluid video at the end. In general, the videos have to be produced as fast and authentic as possible.

b) Instagram Stories

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories are also an essential communication feature for B2B companies to keep their followers up to date. A short motivational speech at the start of the week, team meetings or a beer after work internal company snapshots and routines serve perfectly as story material. What is important here is that the content must be presented in an informative, easy-to-understand and entertaining way. In order to spice up the 15-second content, various story features such as GIFs, countdowns or the use of music can be used. This makes the company tangible, users can identify with it better and are always up to date. Already today, one third of the most viewed stories come from brands and companies that have recognized the potential of the format.


Those who have the necessary know-how in their own company should also consider the use of IGTV. Although this feature has primarily been used by consumers and influencers, IGTV also has many advantages for B2B brands: vertical videos can be easily recorded with a smartphone. In addition with the use also the own range and mark admittingness can be substantially increased, since so far only few marks positioned themselves on this field. HubSpot gives for example over IGTV Tips and tricks approximately around the topic marketing.

4. Develop a unique corporate identity

In order to sustainably increase one’s own awareness, content must be clearly assignable to the company. Therefore, a uniform image and layout structure should always be used. Fonts, image elements and visual language should also be defined in the corporate design. On the one hand, this creates a clear, visual structure. On the other hand it increases the recognition value of the own posts with the followers, if they scroll through their news feed. In order to reach as many people as possible via Instagram, we at gyro therefore use our own black and white picture language with yellow disturbing elements on our account.

5. Find your own formats

In order to stand out from the Instagram standard, your own company formats are important. For example, we have come up with recurring headings through which we capture our corporate identity in images. In addition to the “fun fact of the day”, we like to introduce our new employees in an unconventional way. However, we are particularly proud of our individually designed Welcome Boards, with which we welcome our customers in their personal “creative zone”. And in fact, we have already had extremely positive experiences with our Instagram presence in the recruiting area. This form of address is particularly suitable for creative people in project management or social media experts.

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