How do I build a next-generation recruiting strategy?

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Candidate Experience

The suitable candidates are at the center of every recruiting strategy because companies compete for them in the “war for talent” and they have to be won.

Success stands and falls with the impression a candidate has of your company with the so-called “Candidate Experience”. In other words: Not only customers want to be convinced that a product or service is right for them. Candidates also include every detail of a recruiting process in their decision for an employer from the first contact to contract negotiations. Next generation candidates want to see how an employer deals with their greatest asset their time.

Employer Brand

An employer brand is much more than a few posters at the reception. Rather, it answers an essential question for future (and current) employees: “What do we stand for as a company? Important: Every organization has an employer brand, whether consciously or unconsciously it shows itself in what candidates and employees tell each other about a company.

Talent Acquisition Manager

The Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) holds a key position in many companies. Because he or she controls the entire process in which strangers first become relevant applicants and then integrated into the team and become satisfied employees in your company. A TAM should be familiar with the right channels for job advertisements as well as being trained in Active Sourcing.

Talent Definition

For most of the jobs that have been and will be created in the digital age, there are no more pre-punched studies and careers. At the beginning of every recruiting process is therefore the question: “Who is a talent for us at all? This definition results from the corporate values, the various functions and the code of conduct within the organisation.

Recruiting Tools

Digital recruiting tools are now available in abundance from job apps based on the Tinder principle to various application software and web-based employee recommendations. These various tools can leverage your recruiting strategy and give you access to candidates outside your core network.

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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