How do you want to act and work competently as a manager?

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The expected impact of leadership competence refers to the satisfaction of customer interests, customer wishes and service agreements with the customer. Leadership does not end with the employee. The focus of the leadership consideration is on the consequences of the leadership activity. Some say: With us, the focus is on the employee. Others say: The employee is the means. Point. Which statement is right or are both statements possibly wrong because they come from an outdated understanding of leadership?

Leadership is experienced and lived as interaction of people, topics and the (future) requirements of the respective situations. This is why managers act flexibly and systemically on the basis of 14 leadership principles. Managers act as “entrepreneurs” and not as “neglectors” of their area of responsibility.

What constitutes good and successful systemic human leadership is “decoded” and “mystery-free”: The 8 basic insights of structural leadership.

Leadership knowledge and skills are no longer a privilege for a few. Anyone can lead: leadership is about influencing the agreed or intended value-added competence of the motivated employee in his or her factual-systemic conditions.

Use proven tools to diagnose your resources for your management success.

As a long-standing executive at top and top level in the company (CEO) and in leading positions in various industries and company sizes, I know the leadership situations from my own successful and unsuccessful practice. This reflected knowledge is available to you for your practical application.

As your professional and competent mentor, I will help you personally and confidentially to process and successfully transfer the contents learned in the leadership seminar for your leadership understanding and leadership behavior in your leadership context.

Old wine in new tubes or old questions with new answers? Many questions and many answers around the topic of leadership competence.

Everyone no matter if employee or manager, no matter where they are in the company, no matter in which industry they work, no matter in which size, no matter if they work regionally, nationally or internationally, no matter what: Every manager wants to be successful.

Only the knowledge of systemic leadership and its conscious application in day-to-day management offers the chance for success. Respect and esteem in communication and in dealing with employees, a group of employees or a team of employees, but also the ability to support, accompany and monitor employees in their work in a learning-promoting way are minimum requirements for a manager. But also much more.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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