The 5 main advantages of game-based learning to develop leadership skills

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It has been shown that the development of leadership skills or soft skills (also called life skills) is optimized by the application of game-based learning techniques. Despite the abundant evidence of the positive impact of gamification on learning, there is still some skepticism about interactive games, which are mainly offered on the Internet. To dispel all your doubts, we suggest you discover the five main advantages of game-based learning:

The GBL allows you to practice

The effectiveness of game-based learning is based on the integration of tools that allow content to be assimilated. These tools are simulators, through which the learner “does” things that would only be “exposed” to him on other platforms. The best way to learn is to practice, especially in the area of leadership skills. Simulators recreate situations where the learner can practice safely to acquire these skills, which enhance personal and professional development and which are not learned in books or in theory, but through practice.

GBL promotes strategic thinking and decision-making

Most game-based learning tools require a certain alertness of mind on the part of the learners and use their logic to solve problems. This requirement promotes decision-making and contributes to the development of leadership skills. Some skills such as strategic thinking, putting oneself in the shoes of others, analytical skills and communication, etc., are highly stimulated in a large number of serious games in order to allow the learner to develop soft skills. This is the case, for example, in Merchants, our video game course on negotiation, or in Triskelion, which focuses on time management and personal productivity.

GBL increases assimilation capacities

Serious games and other learning games follow a narrative structure that allows the learner to be put in a situation in order to help him/her develop a specific skill. By correcting certain behaviors and repeating good habits, the learner ends up assimilating, without even realizing it, the behaviors that help him or her solve gambling problems, progress and obtain positive feedback. Ultimately, GBL facilitates learning through practice.

GBL promotes adaptation to new technologies

We live in a world marked by the omnipresence of technology. It is almost impossible for us to imagine a workstation where the computer is not the predominant tool. And let’s be honest, even children seem to have the innate ability to cope in the digital world. Through the use of game-based learning on different devices and computers, adults now have the ideal opportunity to become familiar with virtual challenges, interactive scenes, surfing the Internet or simply manipulating IDs and passwords. Game-based learning provides the necessary tools to adapt gradually and easily to new technologies.

GBL develops coordination and attention capacity

The use of the keyboard and mouse (computers) or our fingers (tablets and portable devices) requires the attention of body and mind and helps to develop hand-eye coordination. This combination of physical action and mental attention offered by game-based learning stimulates our memory. The use of video games has many recognized benefits, such as improving attention span, spatial vision, and cognitive, motivational and social development.

These five main benefits demonstrate that play and learning are not antagonistic and can, on the contrary, become complementary.

In your opinion, what are the other advantages of the games?

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