A Unique Core HR Model For Ambitious Talent Management

human resources management consulting

CORE HR: a unique database

A prerequisite for the deployment of an ambitious Human Resources policy, the successful implementation of a Talent Management system requires, first of all, the creation of a Core HR team.

It is a question of structuring, around a single framework, all the data and processes that can be shared in order to feed all the tools of the company’s information system.

To achieve this, one of the first steps is to have a complete HR base that will consist of your HR database and tools that will allow you to feed it, disseminate it and query it according to criteria specific to your company (multi-country, multi-company, etc.).

The HR database, the keystone of the system, must record all the information of your employees essential to the deployment of your Talent Management policy (data repositories, management standards, processes, etc.). This is an important step in the implementation of your HRIS.

An essential and strategic step

This database will structure all the employee’s information: skills and activity frameworks, key figures and compensation of your employees, interview histories, follow-up of continuous training, QHSE information, etc. It is a central system for entering, recording and querying individual data.

Examples of Core HR functions and processes available in the Talent Management

Administrative management

RGPD, Onboarding, Directory, Photo, Hierarchical Organizational Chart compliance
Generation of the DPAE, Personnel Register

HR Services

Request for deposit, advance payment, employer certificate, mutual certificate, transport refund request…
Management of medical visits, management of temporary workers, service providers and trainees

Collaborator data management

RIB, dependents, to be notified in case of emergency, CPAM certificate, address, RIB, RQTH, permit…
Collaborator portal to make an online request for modification of personal data with HR validation.
Possibility for the future employee to enter his personal data online before his arrival, with HR validation.

Contract data management

Generation of the contract, promise of employment, letter of engagement. Electronic signature.
Automatic filling with the elements of the recruitment request (type of contract, employment, supervisor, working time, site, etc.)

Career management:

History of all changes. Visualization of the employee’s career history, generation of amendments.
Alerts on end of trial period, end of contract, end of RQTH, work permit…
Documents to be signed online (contract, authorization to use the photo…),

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