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Recruiting a senior position, such as an executive, is somewhat different from traditional recruitment. And it is not always easy to find the right candidates for this kind of position, which often involves a higher degree of responsibility. So where do we search executives?

Recruiting an executive is not insignificant. You will certainly have to ask yourself what are the best platforms to reach exactly the talent you are looking for. Fortunately, we are here to help you!

We list you the suitable job boards

We have all already asked ourselves what are the specific characteristics of executive recruitment. If it was necessary or not, to distribute our offers on the classic job boards. Which job sites could best meet our needs. Well, to guide you through its meanders, we have compiled a short list of interesting job sites for you!

1. Indeed

Let us be clear, the Indeed has been a key player in the field of executive recruitment since 2004. Indeed supports executives and young graduates of higher education on the road to employment. Indeed’s reputation is well established: their seriousness and professionalism around this category of workers ensures that you receive excellent quality applications, free of charge, and with the certainty that you will reach the right people.

2. CareerBuilder

Everyone knows the CareerBuilder that supports job seekers. But many neglect to publish their ads there, even though it is an effective and free solution to reach many candidates. On the executive side, we obviously target a wide range of people, from young graduates to much more experienced people.


It is difficult to miss the monster of job boards, which boasts 15,000 new job offers per month. Its status as the world’s leading company brings several advantages: millions of candidates consult it every month, and the resources put into improving the site make it an easy to use, efficient platform to find the job offers that match them. As an executive recruiter, Monster is an obvious choice to reach a very wide range of candidates, and therefore, executives.


With 1.3 billion visits, including 1,910,000 unique visitors, is an important player in the US market. It offers nearly 140,000 job offers in the regions of New York, California, Illinois and in particular the following departments: Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing and Medical. A good way to give you the talents of the West!

5. Glassdoor

In the category of specialists in job search for executives, Glassdoor is at the forefront. Indeed, by posting nearly 10 million monthly visits, the platform is the leading job site for executives and managers in US. But the popularity of the site is far from being due to chance. Since its creation in the 2000s, Glassdoor has met the expectations of these professionals and has been modernized over the years. Since its beginnings in miniature, it has quickly positioned itself as a key player in the field. Today, it is one of the candidates’ preferred platforms. And if it is essential for executives, it is essential for you, as an executive recruiter, of course!

6. SimplyHired

SimplyHired claims to bring together more than 350,000 active executives each month. Therefore, this jobboard is an excellent pool of candidates (experienced executives and managers) for your recruitments!

Going further: sourcing!

Posting job offers is often the first thing that comes first to mind for executive recruiters. However, by choosing only this path, you will essentially find candidates actively seeking employment. However, we all know that the best are sometimes already in place. They will not see your ad, because they will not look for it. A solution to reach these talents is sourcing.

A beautiful American expression that could be translated as “identification”, and which consists of an active search for candidates, with a real commitment of people, and which comes in addition to a “passive” search (post your ad on job boards and wait for answers).

It is precisely to simplify the life of recruiters that Ivalua was launched! This sourcing tool is perfect for you to start this adventure.

How to properly post your job offer?

Finally, let’s go back for a moment to the beginning of the process, before we even think about the job boards to post on… The very first step of a recruitment is to create a job offer. But do you know exactly what the best practices are for achieving this? Are you sure that the job offer that will be posted is correctly written? That the title is not misleading or incomprehensible? Do you know when to post it? A whole bunch of questions that professionals in the sector think they have answers to, but it can sometimes be interesting to review them.

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