The three qualities of a good recruitment consultant

recruitment consultant

The job of recruitment consultant is a job that can be learned on the job. On the borderline between human resources and commercial professions, it is a versatile profession, allowing those who choose it to experience an exciting daily life. All recruitment consultants have the opportunity to testify that one of the interests of this profession is precisely the new features of everyday life, made up of good news but also sometimes bad news.

This profession is especially appreciated by those who choose it because they succeed in practicing it successfully. To do this, it is necessary to “place” candidates, as we say in the jargon. In other words, as many recruitments as possible must be made. Obviously, for this to happen, it is necessary to recover recruitment missions beforehand, therefore to approach a clientele, then to build their loyalty by inspiring them with confidence. We present here the three qualities that we believe distinguish a good recruitment consultant.

1. Reactivity

For us, this is the main quality of a good recruitment consultant. As soon as a new consultant joins our firm, we set up his electronic mailbox to schedule an automatic sending/receiving every minute. A customer who calls must be served immediately, no later than half a day. Since candidates are particularly penury in the payroll industry, it is also essential to be able to answer them when they call.

To be able to achieve this reactivity, we reduce the number of meetings to a minimum and we have built a work organisation accordingly: we limit our customer trips and reduce the organisation of recruitment interviews. The time saved allows us to be always available by phone and email in order to respond to requests that require more immediacy in their processing every day.

The importance of being responsive is particularly sensitive in the context of “successful” recruitment, in competition with other recruitment providers. At the individual level, this organization must be accompanied by an ability to be pragmatic, concise and direct. Our commercial approach is one of efficiency and not seduction. We absolutely avoid pushing candidates in whom we do not believe, because our goal is to establish a long-term collaboration with our clients.

2. The organization

This quality is totally linked to the previous one. In order to be responsive, you have to be clear in your business. To take the example of the electronic mailbox, it seems essential to us that the consultant’s inbox is as empty as possible. Each message received must be processed as quickly as possible. If it cannot be done immediately, the consultant can create a task for himself with a reminder so that the action to be taken reappears on its own in due course.

Similarly, the recruitment tool used by the consultant must allow him to note as much information as possible on the applications sent to his clients, the status of these applications according to the response provided by the client, etc. At Hire Your Talent, we have a recruitment tool made to measure by IT developers. It would be impossible for us to perform as well without this tool. It allows us to remember the history of exchanges with our candidates and clients, but it also allows us to save a lot of time in each of our actions, by establishing search filters appropriate to our needs. This tool is in constant evolution. We invest a lot in it, but the return on investment is largely positive!

It is also particularly motivating investment for our employees. Those who come from large temporary employment agencies appreciate the usefulness of all our processes. Each useless process can disappear at any time, if it becomes inefficient. The size of our company allows us to still be “agile”. We have also established an internal rule of proper functioning between employees, which allows each consultant to know what he can and cannot do in order to work in good collaboration with his colleagues. Indeed, since candidates are very rare, and our clientele is growing strongly (we are currently growing by 60% per year), our consultants are often in competition with each other, offering the same candidate several opportunities. It is then a question of letting the candidate decide by giving him a maximum of information, in a totally objective way and without disadvantaging one client compared to another.

At the individual level, an organized consultant is one who knows how to manage priorities, who does not forget to send an appointment confirmation email to his candidates, nor to follow them during their trial period once they have joined the client company. The tasks of a recruitment consultant are more numerous when he knows success. He has more and more clients, so more and more missions to manage at the same time. He must be able to organize himself permanently.

3. Managing emotions

It’s probably the quality that is taught the least. Reactivity and organization can both be greatly implemented by the company, based on a set of processes and within the framework of effective management. Managing emotions is a personal quality. Everyone acts in their own way.

However, it is essential to succeed in this profession. Indeed, positive and negative emotions are the daily life of the recruitment consultant. He can learn in the morning when he arrives at work that one of his candidates is breaking a probationary period, and that his client is therefore very angry, and then manage to find another candidate to replace him during the day. Our consultant may also receive a call from a large industrial group planning to entrust him with about ten recruitments, and then never again have any news about this project.

Emotions can also be negative. As an employer, I can regularly see that the consultants who manage to accept the difficult moments in the management of their clients or candidates are also the ones who manage to accept the many changes in our firm. We have gone from 12 to 30 employees in one year. This has led to many adjustments. Our consultants must be flexible and able to adapt to change, to be able to build on it and seize opportunities. The world of recruitment agencies requires pragmatism and results orientation. It is not for everyone.

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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