How To Recruit A Senior Executive?

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Recruiting a senior manager: what to look for

Recruiting a senior manager is not an easy task. First, managers seek security by checking with their own network. If they do not find them, they tend to turn to recruitment agencies and job sites.

What channels can be used to recruit senior managers?

There are informal channels with cooptation, i.e. searching in one’s personal/professional network. This channel can secure the recruitment process on the part of the manager, but limits can quickly appear. These channels are not always the most appropriate. For example, when it comes to recruiting in new professions for the company, the manager must look to more formal means such as recruitment/sourcing firms and job sites.

Recruitment that remains at risk for the company.

How to ensure that the recruited candidate will be able to implement and consolidate a work environment conducive to the achievement of objectives? Although it is the result of a development of the activity and skills not present internally, this process remains an important issue for managers. The risk of error is high, which would have significant human and financial consequences for the company.

3 tips for recruiting a senior executive

In order to avoid the harms that can result from unsuccessful recruitment, it is necessary to have the keys to recruit the ideal executive.

Recruit executives in passive research

The executive recruitment market is quite complex and less flexible than some others. You must therefore convince the executive who may already be in position that he or she has an interest in coming to work for you. It is therefore necessary to arouse interest, to make the proposed position attractive because of its remuneration, responsibilities, multiple benefits, and the company’s development prospects. This is part of Netflix’s strategy to structure its HR growth.

Understanding “leader” profiles

A senior executive profile should provide a new image of the company and its future orientations, as well as its short and medium-term development prospects. It must have the capacity to share its strategic approach and ensure operational achievements in this direction, thus making it possible to achieve or even exceed the objectives set.

Adopt the practical case in interview

In an interview, it is possible to entrust your candidate for the position of senior manager with a practical case study in order to assess his or her skills and strategic capacities in the face of a problem. Here are some typical case study topics:

  • profitability problem
  • industry analysis
  • acquisition of a company (either by an investment fund or by a company)
  • recovery of a bankrupt company
  • entry into a new market (product line)
  • entry into a new market (geographical area)
  • launch of a new product (pricing strategy,…)
  • reaction to a new entrant
  • reaction to a major environmental change (laws, exchange rates, etc.)
  • subjects more directly oriented towards “operations”: increasing sales, reducing costs….

At the end of this case study, ask yourself if the candidate is humble, if he/she is able to listen to any comments from his/her teams and if he/she can draw the positive sides of each situation. A crisis is also an opportunity to a certain extent. Indeed, following a crisis, take the opportunity to communicate your company’s specific commitments and convictions.

In addition to the importance of economic, social and technological factors, it is above all on personality and management skills that the executive recruiter will focus on the ideal profile.

In short, the candidate must be hyper-reactive, have the makings of a manager, as well as a project approach.

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