How to refine your investments dedicated to recruitment?

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Recruitment is an essential activity for the good health of a company. Whether you are in an emerging structure or a multinational company, recruitment makes it possible to meet many of your human resources needs. It allows you to bring new skills and thus consolidate the know-how of your employees. It also allows you to renew your workforce by bringing new blood and a new perspective on the development of your business.

That’s why any successful company must invest in recruitment. But there is no need to invest fortunes in order to hope for results! In this article, discover some ideas that will help you refine your investments dedicated to recruitment!

1) The costs in the field of recruitment are varied!

Before talking about ways to reduce investment in recruitment, we will first look at the different spending centres that require these investments. Indeed, the recruitment activity involves a large number of actors, tools, but also processes and complex issues.

First of all, we obviously find the costs related to the recruiter position. It is therefore necessary to take into account the salary paid, the employer’s contributions associated with it, any performance-related bonuses, as well as ancillary benefits such as expense reports, etc. These elements may vary depending on the recruiter’s level of experience, diplomas or specific skills.

Then, we find all the expenses directly related to the recruitment techniques implemented. This may involve, for example, assessment tests, online technical questionnaires or real-life exercises. Some evaluation tests require the purchase of a user license and certification by executive recruiters. The cost of the license and the cost of the training inherent in its use therefore represent investments that can be optimized.

In addition, investing in recruitment software is essential to effectively optimize the management of applications and the overall recruitment process. IT systems dedicated to recruitment management make it possible to streamline the various stages of a recruitment process and thus achieve significant savings on the number of resources involved in the process, but also to accelerate the recruitment time and quality.

Finally, the last expense item that could be mentioned is that related to communication and more broadly to the employer brand. Taking advantage of a good exposure on job boards such as Monter or APEC requires a certain investment, and without a real strategy to optimize the distribution of your job offers, you can quickly blow your budget. It is advisable to use a complete recruitment software, which will allow you to rationalize the budget related to employer communication and the distribution of contextualized job offers.

Some companies decide to delegate their recruitment activity entirely and thus to use a consulting firm, although this approach represents a certain cost.

2) Some ways to refine your recruitment investments

The expenditure items in the field of recruitment are therefore numerous and varied and therefore the tricks to refine all these investments are also varied!

Some measures can easily be applied within your company, and contribute to reducing the cost of your recruitment investments. When some changes require several weeks of implementation, others can be much faster and more effective. This is particularly the case with the recruitment solution proposed by Zoho. This recruitment software makes it possible to effectively manage applications, but also the distribution of job offers. The recruiter saves considerable time and devotes himself to other activities of his profession with higher added value. Employer communication costs are also optimized insofar as the software offers a platform for disseminating personalized job offers that promote the employer brand.

The Zoho recruitment software solution makes it possible to create an attractive career site that corresponds to your graphic charter and your company’s identity. The employer brand is also a very interesting way to refine investments related to recruitment. A company with a clearly identifiable and positive employer brand is a company that attracts candidates more naturally. This means less effort, both human and financial, to find profiles and talents!

Among the avenues that we can still mention is the creation of a pool of candidates. The establishment of a pool of candidates, supplied daily with interesting profiles, is the best way to recruit quickly as soon as a recruitment requirement is opened. You stay in touch with qualified profiles and at the same time save time on recruitment deadlines.

3) Highlight KPIs to evaluate the ROI of your recruitments: an essential step for the success of your recruitment strategy!

Refining your investment in recruitment should not be synonymous with discounts! Recruitment is essential for your company, and better investment also means maintaining or even increasing the objectives underlying recruitment!

It would be counterproductive to damage this activity, as unsuccessful recruitment is expensive. Whether in terms of training, or the length of time a position remains vacant, recruitment must not be “sold off” at the risk of paying the consequences quickly (hasty resignations, mismatch between the profile and the position, etc.).

That is why, in addition to investing wisely in recruitment, it is essential to set up KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of the new measures adopted. These statistics must accompany the company’s strategy, and be implemented in order to help each recruitment stakeholder to optimize their time and achievements.

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