4 Trends That Are Revolutionizing Talent Management

talent management

Technology has completely revolutionized the company, digital transformation projects are a priority for almost all companies.

Human resources departments are gradually being impacted by this revolution and their operating methods are being completely redesigned.

Technology is revolutionizing the way employees are trained, recruited and evaluated.

#1 Welcome to the era of big data

HR managers, who until now were somewhat excluded from IT projects in companies, are now fully involved and for good reason, talent management solutions in particular now offer functionalities that make it possible to cross-reference data from the entire company.

Core HR models offered by companies such as Talentsoft, Workday, Oracle provide a single point of access to all employee data and access to a wide range of individual and consolidated human capital management information.

The HRD is therefore equipped to make informed decisions, he is becoming more and more in control of information and this gives him a greater ability to react more quickly to his choices regarding the management of the company’s talent.

#2 Evaluate in real time

Annual evaluation of employees, why limit itself to an annual evaluation when the HRD must be responsive to the business challenges of the company. In addition, employees have a need for rapid feedback combined with a need for recognition.

So why not measure performance on an ongoing basis? Talent management solutions are a technological way to achieve this.

Align employee performance in real time with company performance by meeting employee needs, i.e. by detecting in real time, support, training, etc.

Publishers such as Zest me up now offer to evaluate the well-being of employees in the company in real time.

#3 Training, no more excuses possible

A few years ago, it was sometimes difficult for logistical, financial or other reasons to train all the company’s employees.

Digital technology has truly revolutionized the nature of learning, LMS solutions such as the one offered by 360Learning allow HRDs to create, deliver and share training in a very simple way.

These solutions also have an impact on other HR processes such as on-boarding, it’s easy to create integration paths.

And more broadly, e-learning is one of the assets of the digital transformation of companies, its technologies really make it possible to move to a new dimension in terms of change management.

#4 I recruit, you recruit, AI recruits, social networks recruit

Recruitment is completely impacted by the digital revolution. We are almost starting to wonder if the classic CV will still have its place in a few years’ time.

Programmatic recruitment is already here. And yes, the AI is recruiting for you or almost. In the same way that you see consumer products on Facebook or Instagram that are likely to interest you (based on the data you disseminate on social networks in particular), executive recruiters have technologies that allow them to put job offers that potentially match your profile before your eyes.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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