10 tips for finding a job on the internet

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Searching for work on the Internet is nowadays the easiest and most appreciated method. On the internet, you will find a wide choice of job offers. But how best to proceed to find a job on the web? Here are ten tips and tricks to help you in your approach.

1. Do your research on suitable pages and do not put all your eggs in the same basket

On job boards, there are a wide range of jobs. But where do you start? With job offers in all branches, Monster.com is the preferred job search site in United States because you will find most of the job offers in one place. On this platform, you can access company profiles, which give you as much information as possible about the executive recruiters you are interested in. The Indeed.com website is also a good reference. In addition to general job search sites, there are other specialized platforms such as Topjobs for executives or MedTalents for caregivers. If you are particularly interested in a company, take a look at its website. Some companies reserve a place dedicated to professional recruitment on their website, where they give useful advice to candidates. Social networks will also help you discover more about companies.

2. Define your search criteria

Already know exactly what you’re looking for? Or would you prefer to look first at what the labour market has to offer? Your search will be easier if you specify specific search criteria. Think carefully about where you want to apply: your city, canton or the whole of United States? In addition, add some keywords relevant to the job. Using these criteria, the list of results will be better defined and will make it easier for you to find offers adapted to your profile.

3. Find out more about the proposed position

If the company’s name is mentioned in the job offer, you can then extend your search. Find out about the company and whether it could meet your expectations. Its profile will also provide you with valuable information to prepare your application. The company’s philosophy, the qualifications of its employees and the services or products offered are all important aspects to consider. Use social networks to collect as much information as possible and feel free to enter the company’s name in Google and click on the “news” tab to see if newspapers have reported on it recently.

4. Change the deal

Candidates are not the only ones to visit employment platforms. There are also headhunters and employment agencies. Do you want to find the job of your dreams? Sign up on a platform like Monster.com and create your profile by uploading your CV and photo and adding some personal information. The more you say about yourself, the better the recruitment managers will be able to understand your request and help you find the right job for you. By connecting to Monster.com, you can post your CV and make it visible to potential employers who can contact you later.

5. Check the sites regularly to find new offers

Once you have registered on Monster.com, you can activate JobMailers to be informed of new offers that match your criteria. This way, you will receive the latest announcements on a regular basis. Even if this function is very convenient, don’t forget to stay active and keep searching by yourself.

6. Smartphone applications make it easy to search

Large job search sites have their own applications. Use them and test their different functionalities! Also try the new Talentfly application that allows you to search for job offers in a fun way.

7. Take care of your network

Social networks allow you to create useful links with companies and recruiters. The best known are LinkedIn and Xing, but Facebook can also be a great help. On these professional networks, many companies also post their latest job offers, for which you can apply directly via your profile. Take the time to take good care of your profile and add all the relevant information related to your professional experience to your CV.

8. Apply professionally

Most job platforms, including Monster.com, offer links for each job offer through which you can send your application directly. And sometimes, some companies prefer the traditional way. Find out how to apply and send your application in accordance with the company’s preferences. It is generally recommended to attach a cover letter to your CV. Discover all our other articles under the heading “application” for more tips.

9. Send unsolicited applications

Are you interested in a particular company, but can’t find job offers online? Be active and contact the company directly! Spontaneous applications are often rewarded and a discussion with human resources can provide you with interesting information about the employer. For a spontaneous application to be effective, your application must be extremely complete and precise according to rigorous research you have done beforehand. A company will not consider your file if it feels that it is just “one of many” in your search.

10. Set objectives and make a schedule

In order to avoid drowning while searching the Internet, you should establish a schedule. How many applications do you want to send this week? After how many days should you contact the company again? Organize your job search so that it is successful.

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