How to make yourself known to recruitment agencies

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If you wish to develop professionally and in particular if you wish to change employers, being known by the main recruitment agencies is an essential step.

This is true that many job offers (mainly for confirmed profiles) are not published on the Internet. The only way to access it will be at the firm’s initiative, assuming it thinks of you!

Here are some tips on how to make yourself known to recruitment agencies.

Which recruitment agencies to contact?

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies in United States, which makes it difficult to contact them all individually. We therefore recommend that you proceed in two steps:

First, identify those who are specialized in the type of job you are looking for. For marketing or sales profiles, we have listed the main ones for you: Directory of recruitment agencies with expertise in sales marketing. One important point: before contacting them, check that your profile corresponds to the firm’s positioning. So, if you are a beginner and the firm you are targeting is specialized in Middle and Top Management, there is no need to contact it! However, if your profile perfectly matches the firm’s positioning, it is in your best interest to contact it and be part of its database. So, the day an opportunity arises, he will think of you!

In a second step, also contact the most important generalist firms: Michael Page, Hays, Hudson, etc. Even if they are generalists, due to their size, they will necessarily have job opportunities that will suit you.

How to make yourself known to the recruitment firms you have identified?

To ensure that your application is properly considered, we advise you to follow exactly the process desired by the Firm. To do so, simply visit its website and let yourself be guided.

In addition to spontaneous applications, you can also contact the firms by replying directly to the job offers they offer on the Internet. Only respond to offers if you match the requested profile, your credibility is at stake! If you wish to be part of the Firm’s database, either you respond to an offer if you match the profile or you send an unsolicited application.

It should also be noted that the research officers within the firms use many other means to find candidates to present to their clients. Thus, to feed their database, they will consult the CV libraries, surf on social networks or more widely on the Internet. It is therefore in your interest to be visible by posting your CV on the CV libraries of the main job sites and to create your professional profile on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. By the way, type your first and last name on the search engines and look at the results. Chances are the Cabinet will do the same! Also, make sure that the information disseminated via social networks in particular remains only professional!

In order to be contacted by the firms, also remember to talk about your desire to develop your professional network. This last point is important because when researchers contact potential candidates in companies, they often tend to ask their interlocutor for the names of other people who may be interested in their research. It is therefore better to talk about your project of evolution to your network.

And then what?

Whether you have answered an offer or the firm has taken the initiative to contact you, chances are you will have a first telephone interview. In the event that the firm is at the origin of the contact, the researcher will aim to validate the adequacy between your profile and his or her search as well as your motivation. If it is successful, you will then have an interview with the recruitment consultant who manages the assignment.

Did you get an interview with a recruitment consultant? Congratulations!

Whether the outcome of the interview is positive or negative, take the opportunity to listen to his good advice! Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of your function or sector of activity, he can only help you in your efforts. If you are not selected to go further, do not hesitate to contact him again to find out the reasons.

Last point: if your professional situation changes (or simply your contact details), do not forget to inform the firms with whom you have been in contact!

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