3 Tips To Improve Your HR Performance

human resource management

Human resources management in SMEs is no longer as simple as in the past. The employee who remains in the same position for 30 years… it’s over! From now on, even small structures must be able to adapt quickly to changes in their markets.

Knowing the mapping of skills, programming and supporting job changes, taking into account the evolution of professions… all these new constraints that “personnel services” must now manage effectively. To do this, SMEs need new HR management tools that are intuitive, ergonomic, easy to deploy, and up-to-date on all standards. So here are 3 tips to improve the performance of your Human Resources.

1. Supporting digital transformation

Digital innovations make it possible to improve and increase the performance of HR departments. It is indeed imperative for Human Resources to adapt to the digital world in order not to be outdated and to save time.

The most significant example is undoubtedly the processing of resumes that the company receives. Thanks to digital, it is easier to store, process and archive the applications received. If a CV is interesting for the company, it is ideal to be able to match it with the right position and pass it on to the right person.

2. Supporting employees

Digital technology also makes it possible to implement a real follow-up of the different areas of employee expertise within the company. A good career and skills follow-up will make it easier to ensure the employability of a person within his company. Indeed, the more trained she is, the more likely she will be able to move on to other positions that will better match her new abilities. By proceeding in this way, Human Resources Managers seek to reduce the waiting period between two positions, promote internal recruitment and thus reduce turnover.

3. Automate your HR processes

In order to improve the performance of the HR function, it is necessary to acquire tools that integrate process management (or workflow) functions. These workflow concepts make it possible to structure processes, make information management more reliable and, above all, to optimize internal processing; one of the most interesting examples is the arrival and departure of employees from the company: these are important moments that require very special attention. Might as well get rid of the administrative processing in order to concentrate on the essential… i.e. the human and the relationship with the other.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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