10 human resources management tips

human resource management consulting

Leading a team well in 10 tips

Once called personnel management, human resources management is evolving, as is society in general. In this respect, employees of a company are no longer managed in the same way as they were a few years ago. About ten measures are needed to increase its productivity.

The basis of human resources management

  • To convey an effective message, language is essential. The vocabulary has already evolved: we no longer say “employee” but “collaborator” or “boss” but rather “manager”. This horizontality must also promote a more direct mode of communication, which avoids misunderstandings.
  • Empowering your teams is the little something that distinguishes successful companies! We must encourage individual involvement and even decision-making, but always in the interest of the collective.
  • Publicize the company’s successes, at least within all departments. This may include winning a call for tenders, promoting employees, or a new organization to boost productivity.
  • Consult employees on all matters that concern them. It is an opportunity for an exchange of information useful to the manager(s). You can choose different ways: face-to-face meetings, a suggestion box.
  • Modernizing your recruitment process: it is a necessity in the digital age! Forget the old-fashioned job offers. Instead, opt for interactive video exchanges for a first contact, even if it means scheduling a face-to-face meeting later.

Advice for companies in difficulty

  • Becoming a social manager is important. The benefits granted to employees are very important in their loyalty to the company. If this is not already the case, it is better to implement measures that are favourable to employees: profit-sharing, participation in the company.
  • Simplifying the company’s organization is a profitable strategy. Digital tools are an aid to use. Start-ups have opened this path to efficiency with a more collaborative focus on online conferencing and networking.
  • Change strategy in the face of inevitable failures. These accidents must be considered as opportunities to bounce back according to the adage Fail again, fail better.
  • The manager’s involvement must be proactive. Appropriate action plans must be developed upstream that link the strategy to current technologies. It is better to present a carefully considered project to employees.
  • Focus on artificial intelligence as a complement to the human factor. Far from supplanting team thinking, algorithms can lighten and facilitate certain tasks with a gain in time and productivity!

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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