5 attitudes to be adopted to develop your leadership skills

leadership development

Everyone can develop leadership skills and, as with many other “talents”, becoming a leader depends much more on training and implementing good practices than on innate qualities.

“Practice to develop leadership, okay, but how do you do it?”

This is what we will see right now thanks to 5 attitudes that I advise you to develop if you ever want to wake up the leader inside you:

Be proactive!

One of the most important points. Even more important than avoiding passive behaviour, you must also initiate a real dynamic on your own and know how to initiate change as soon as it becomes necessary. Being proactive will also require you to develop your anticipation skills in order to be able to solve any problem before it even manifests itself.

Assume your responsibilities

Being proactive involves important decision-making and therefore much higher risk exposure. It is at this point that we can recognize a true leader because he will take full responsibility for his choices rather than hide behind any excuse or use human shields. Being responsible really requires courage, an essential quality of leadership.

Improve your skills and knowledge

To become a true leader, you must be one step ahead of everyone else. Staying focused on your skills, even if they are high, is not enough to make a difference in the long term. That is why you must constantly develop your knowledge and refine your expertise on subjects related to your activity.

Motivate others

By motivating others, by giving them our dynamism and motivation, a double effect is produced. Not only do we communicate our energy to them (because yes, all this is very communicative) but also, unconsciously, we amplify our own enthusiasm.

Moreover, by motivating others, we develop our charism and therefore, of course, our attitudes to leadership.

Inspire others

Beyond motivating, you must also inspire others. This quality is obviously found in great leaders such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett or Richard Branson who are sources of inspiration for millions of people. Even if you are not yet at their stage, you too, to your own measure, can inspire others with your initiatives, your state of mind and your actions. So don’t deprive yourself of it.

In short, be proactive and take responsibility for your decisions, constantly improve your skills and, above all, by your enthusiasm, motivate and inspire others and you will see, by doing so, you will begin to develop true natural leadership.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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