The 8 tips to remember to succeed in your job search

executive professional search

Strengths and weaknesses: review the situation

The first step is to get to know yourself well! Indeed, accurately identifying your values, your best assets, your key skills and your areas for improvement will help you to sell yourself better and to identify the offers that correspond to you.

Tip: Feel free to list everything in writing. Asking ideas allows you to step back and clarify your thoughts. For example, you can use the SWOT analysis to:

  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Follow the news

If executive recruiters are always sensitive to the open-mindedness and curiosity of candidates, it is essential to follow the latest news in their sector, especially during the research period. Be able to discuss in depth one or two relevant news items. This will show your motivation and allow you to make connections in interviews in particular. Obviously, you can’t know everything, but don’t hesitate to set up a regular watch.

Tips: Find the sites, blogs you can’t miss and target the relevant newsletters to which you can subscribe. Feel free to:

  • Go for a ride on Medium, this platform is to written content what YouTube is to video,
  • Use a content aggregator to group your monitoring. No need to connect to each site, it does it for you and distributes recent content in a dashboard. The offer is not lacking: Feedly, Netvibes, Oldreader, Inoreader, Hootsuite, Feedreader. All you have to do is test them and choose!
  • Adopt audio content. 2019 has also seen the birth or prosperity of many podcasts. A good way to optimize your travel time or time spent in the shower.

Social Network

Go to events, meet other professionals on social networks, or most importantly, do both! There is nothing better than to expand your network, open your mind and find new professional recruitment opportunities. Indeed, many events, most often free of charge, are organized every day without you necessarily hearing about them.

Tips: If you haven’t already done so, register on professional recruitment social networks: Linkedin and Shapr and go to a meeting to discover those who share your passion. Also think of afterworks, or Facebook pages of cultural places in your city.

Organize your days

Organizing is the key to your stability during the job search period. If you are still on duty, organize fixed time slots during the week to make sure you don’t procrastinate. And, if you are no longer in your job, don’t reduce your days looking for work. It’s the best way to demotivate yourself! On the contrary, vary the activities instead, and find the right balance between rest, research and leisure, you will be much more effective.

Tips: Don’t neglect extra-professional activities, occasional assignments or volunteering. You never know who you may come across. It will always be an opportunity to develop new skills and especially your softskills.

Boost your CV with online courses

Especially if you are no longer in the workforce, the job search period is conducive to training and the acquisition of additional skills. In addition to developing skills, you can show executive recruiters that you have made the effort to learn by yourself.

Advice: Many MOOCs, tutorials, certification are easily accessible on the Internet. The latter have the advantage of often being free or at a lower cost.

Pay attention to your health

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Take care of your health, and you will remain productive and effective in the long term. Sleep and diet have a much greater impact on your mental abilities and concentration than you think. Don’t neglect them.

Tips: Exit short nights and fast food, opt instead for balanced meals and regular physical activity! Some tips for a hellish form: magnesium and omega-3, to be found in fatty fish, dried fruit and chocolate. And if you have trouble sleeping, don’t hesitate to concoct a unesleeping routine.

Take care of your voicemail

You are now ready to look for a job in the tribe of your dreams in the best conditions. After all these efforts, it would be a shame to leave a bad impression on the executive recruiter with inappropriate voicemail. Yes, you know, the one you never listen to and which has not changed in years. Logical, we rarely leave voice messages to ourselves. And executive recruiters do not communicate exclusively by email.

Advice: If the musical wait may have a vintage and comic side, it is not sure that it is also to the taste of your potential executive recruiters.

Always stay positive and congratulate yourself!

Consider this period of job search as a challenge to be taken up in order to develop professionally. We often tend to focus on what makes us anxious, such as:

“I’m not going to make it.”
“How will I pay my rent if I can’t find a job?
“How can I justify a hole in my CV if the search is prolonged?”

And if these questions are important, torturing yourself with them all day long will be counterproductive.

Tips: In case of panic, blow a good blow, and focus on what could go well. If it is difficult, write a list of upcoming events with a happy ending in mind. Of the type:

What is the next step?
if the executive recruiter answers me,
if I get the interview,
if I pass the first interview…”

Also think about the advantages: new start, new colleagues, new missions, new skills to develop? There are many of them! It’s a beautiful period that opens up the field of possibilities for you! Even if some steps are difficult and stressful, you will also inevitably have good news, moments of hope and surprises. Capitalize on these moments and congratulate yourself on always going further.

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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