10 tips for a successful interview with a professional recruitment firm

professional recruitment consultant

1. What is well conceived, is clearly stated

Before an interview, be able to clearly define your professional background and determine your professional project precisely. If you can’t do it, you’re not ready. If necessary, proofread your CV, because what is well conceived is clearly stated.

2. Make no mistake about it

And don’t use the interview with a professional recruitment firm to re-position yourself within your company. Some candidates take advantage of contact by outbidding your employer. This lack of tact always turns against the candidate.

3. Before the time it’s not the time

“When you are called for an interview with a executive recruiter, be punctual! Please don’t be late. But don’t bother arriving too early. Five minutes before the time is enough.” ITC Development, a human resources recruitment and consulting firm.

4. Correct dress required

Step into the recruiter’s office: shake hands with a straightforward handle (not too soft or too strong), look the other person in the eye and speak calmly.

Watch your breath: the “tobacco-coffee” or “watered meal end” atmosphere is dramatic during a first contact!

Choose a classic outfit and ban short sleeve shirts or crossover jackets: the 80s are behind us!

5. Master verbal and non-verbal communication!

On non-verbal (behavioral):
Do not invade your interlocutor’s space (elbows on his desk, excessive gestures) and do not use “hyper-relaxation”: the back behind, crossed legs, the inquisitive or elusive look are postures to be avoided!

Use your eyes to give importance to the speaker’s speech and do not hesitate to rephrase his words to show your concentration!

On the verbal:
Master your syntax and do not the words whose meaning you do not master. In addition, monitor your voice throughput. Avoid speaking for too long: an interview is not a monologue!

6. Concentration

During the interview, if your interlocutor is disturbed during the interview and asks you “where were we?”, resume the conversation on the last point mentioned, it is a sign of concentration and attention that pleads in your favor.

7. Strictly professional

During the interview, never mention your personal problems, political or religious considerations. The framework of the latter must remain professional. And, even if you stay in the workplace, never criticize your former employers.

8. Don’t bluff

During the interview, do not try to distort the truth about your work experience, education or income. From experience, nearly 30% of candidates increase their income by 20% to 25% by integrating bonuses they have never received! However, by checking references, it is easy to determine the candidate’s real salary!

9. The post-interview email

At the end of an interview, do not hesitate to send a thank you email, whatever the outcome of the interview.

10. Behaviors to be banned

  • Not knowing what you want at the time of the interview.
  • Not knowing what you are worth.
  • Lying, bluffing.
  • Talk about personal problems.
  • Do not prepare for interviews.
  • Devalue, get discouraged.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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